Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Little Saver!

I hate money change! It seems like it's always in Jake's pockets when I do the laundry and he leaves extra change on the night stand, sometimes I never know where I might find a penny, or dime but sometimes if I'm really lucky I might find a quarter when I'm doing the laundry-and feel like I just got a raise HAHA! I've had a plastic Eiffel Tower, which is broken and only holds so much coins anyway, but I was tired of change being everywhere so I started to make sure everytime I see money anywhere in the house I would put it in the broken tower! Jaxon loves to put money in his big crayola crayon bank and he gets so excited every time he gets to do it! Hopefully he will always be a good saver! The other day I decided I'm getting rid of all the change in the house and went to put it in one of Jaxon's bank accounts...well Jake and I both bet on how much money was in the change, including some quarters my Grandma Hofler gives all the grandkids and Jake guessed around $24.50 and I guessed $29.17...our bank has a counter for change like the COINSTAR, but it's free! The only thing bad about it is how loud the machine is and it's right in the front of the lobby at the bank so I just kept dumping and dumping until finally it was all gone and then the reciept printed, and I was AMAZED how much was in there-$141.41 WOW I was so excited and thought that maybe I should have waited till our baby boy comes and put it in his account but we are starting over now and he will get the next round of change! So while I still dislike change very much, I am obsessed with putting change in our broken tower-maybe I should just buy a new bank! I'm thinking I should be happy that my husband has the extra change laying around because it's been entertaining for me!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Than Excited!!!

Yesterday we found out we are having a BOY!! We are MORE than excited and can't wait for another little boy to come! Jaxon asks about the baby a lot and yesterday after finding out what we are having, we asked him what he wanted to name him and he said Buzz...not at all surprised! Jake will ask him where the baby is sometimes and he always says "he went home" (home is my tummy)! Yesterday Jaxon asked when he was coming and tells me he wants to hold the baby. He told us he wants to share his room with him and wants to help feed/change the baby! He loves babies and I think he really does get that he is having a brother-whenever we see a baby in public or on tv he yells "LOOK AT THE CUTE BABY MOMMY!" I've had a few issues with this pregnancy with my teeth for some reason, and I've either had a cold or a bladder infection but I really can't complain because I was able to run the marathon and keep running!

A lot of people have asked me what I want to have and I really couldn't decide because Jaxon will LOVE having a brother but girls are fun too, so yesterday when we found out it was a boy I was SOOOO excited-boys are so fun! This baby is very active and he's measuring just about a week smaller, but everything looks great! A couple times he waved his arm in the ultrasound and I told Jaxon he was waving to him! I was going to wrap up the ultrasound pictures they gave us (there's a lot, and they are big pics) and wait to open in Christmas Eve but I just couldn't and I'm all ready looking at things for baby boys! We really couldn't be more excited and feel more blessed! We have had a great year and I can't think of a better way to end the year than expecting a baby!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Time at the Dentist

My boy is SOOO brave! I think he's even more brave than me ;) I just hoped that he would have inherited Jakes teeth-Jake has good teeth, while mine-well I've had issues lately, with 3 root canals since February and I've been told I have soft teeth...anyway here are some cute pictures of my brave little man!

Brushing the Dino's teeth-this kept him content he's been into dinosaurs lately!

Watching Toy Story! He was getting so excited and started shouting at the TV-he gets excited for anything Toy Story!

He loves this thing! Maybe I should look into getting him a dinosaur that has teeth so he can brush them...maybe then it won't have a fight every night to brush his!

Playing-the dental assistant was tickling him with the dino and he loved every minute of it!

Today was the first time Jaxon has gone to the dentist! He was such a good sport about having x-rays taken and while his teeth were cleaned! EVERYONE was so nice that they almost made me even forget I was at the dentist because the dental assistant played with Jaxon and she was so patient with him! There was a couple times he got frustrated (who can blame him) and she was so cute with him! They have video games, movies, and a playhouse in the waiting area and after he was all done they gave him a balloon and let him pick out any book he wanted-he picked "Ratatouille." Although he was such a good sport, we got the bad news that he has cavities and a tooth that has chipped off! Since he's so young and has breathing problems they will be performing everything at the hospital with a local anesthetic in January. I can't believe I was just going in for a checkup-so if you have never taken your kids to the dentist I suggest you do it earlier rather than later! I'm just so suprised-I never knew that this was ever performed in a hospital! I'm told there are 3 in St. George and they have done thousands! I was also wondering about his "snaggle-tooth" (it's his front tooth that looks like it could have been two teeth that have formed together) and the dentist was not concerned-he said it's quite common, not normal, but common-not the first time we've heard this!

Jaxon's pediatrian told us just last week that when he passes out after falling that it's something thats common but again not normal! Jaxon will sometimes fall and get REALLY REALLY mad and hold his breath until he passes out-very scary for mommy! Just last week he did it again while we were at Walmart. After falling on his forehead in front of the store on the concrete, he passed out and I ran in the store screaming for someone to help me! I was so scared and I just handed Jaxon off to a guy (who was probably thinking "what do you want me to do lady") and he squeezed Jaxon's cheeks and put his finger in his mouth and moved his tongue around and said he thought he choked on his tongue (my pediatrician isn't too sure about that) and then Jaxon finally woke up and started screaming. He has done this a few other times and it's always when he has hurt himself after falling down. He fell asleep for a while after all ready having a nap earlier that day. I get nervous thinking he could have a concussion after hard falls on the concrete! Every time this has happened, he sleeps for hours, which also made me nervous, but the doctor isnt too concerned with iron levels or anything serious, and that he even falls asleep for a while it happens (THANK HEAVEN), and said hopefully this (along with his asthma/breathing issues) will be something he grows out of-we can only hope!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Live Nativity

It really was this cold, especially because we sat on the back row and there was a cold breeze blowing on us! Love my hair in my face LOL!

This weekend I went to the live Nativity at Tuacahn with friends Jenny and Tasha! We had so much fun seeing Santa, having hot cocoa, and watching the live nativity. I was so excited to take Jaxon but he fell asleep so he stayed home with dad, but I definately want to take my boys to see it! I always have so much fun when I'm with these two! It was the first time I got to meet Tasha's baby, Rydge and he is soooo handsome! I forget how small babies can be when they are newborns. I wanted to hold Kodi, Jenny's baby but she was not having it-she is so cute I just wanted to take her home with me, and Kash wasnt sure what to think about me ;) we just need to get together more often and maybe the kids won't be so shy with me! I'm so glad I got the chance to go-it was the first year I've ever gone and the show was great!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What We've Been up to

This year we were at my parents house for Thanksgiving. We of course went shopping Black Friday and didn't even sleep that night! We had a lot of fun driving up to Park City and going to the outlets that opened Thanksgiving night! Then we drove back down the canyon and went to the Layton Hills Mall and Target. The line for Target was CRAZY! It wrapped all the way around the back of the store and once we got inside the store it was a madhouse! People were running and the lines were SO LONG. We knew exactly what we wanted though and split up to get everything and my mom stood in line which was so smart because it saved a lot of time! We had a lot of fun!

The girls went to see "The Forgotten Carols" and I loved every minute of it! I've been able to see it twice and it is just what I needed to put me in the Christmas Spirit!

Amber and I took our kids to see "Tangled" which is the best Disney movie I've seen! We had so much fun and it was so cute to watch Jaxon...he would get nervous seeing the scary lady and he would grab my hand and then when it wasn't scary anymore he would push my hand away-he's so independent sometimes! Grandma and Papa spoil him and Grandma even let him have a present early!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We Love to Party!

A few weeks ago we went up north to celebrate Jaxon's birthday and go to two baby blessings! It was the perfect getting to go to my neice's baby blessing and to see my cousins baby boy be blessed. It actually worked out perfect because both blessing were at different times so we were able to make it to both and see my cousins baby for the first time! It's funny how you forget how little babies are when they are first born! It was fun getting to spend time with family and having a fun birthday party for Jaxon with my family! He got a ton of fun presents from my sisters and money to put in his bank from my parents! Lately he loves to get money and put it in the bank...I hope that means he will be good about saving as he gets older!! Thank you to my family for all the fun presents...we've all ready watched "Stitch" (as Jaxon calls it) and the Letter Factory movies many times and he loves taking pictures with his camera! He is excited to make snow cones with Sponge Bob-who he is obsessed with! Every night he picks out his pajamas and 99.9% of the time he picks SpongeBob PJ's and SpongeBob underwear and carries a Spongebob....and of course watches SpongeBob! He also got a helmet to wear when he rides his scooter and bike! He was definately spoiled this year, but I think he's completely worth it!

Dinosaur Park!

When we were up north for Brylie's baby blessing we celebrated Jaxon's birthday with my family! My sister Amber and my neice Brooklyn treated us to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden! Ever since our family went to a Dinosaur museum in Vernal, Jaxon loves to see the dinosaurs! They had so much fun running around and imitating the dinosaurs!

We had to feed the ducks too...even though we live right by a duck pond, they wanted to feed the ducks there too! We also went digging for fossils-which was really more brushing off fossils with a paintbrush! We saw a lot of rocks, and other animals in the prehistoric age inside the museum, but the kids had the most fun at the park outside!

I thought this was a great imitation!

They are really trying hard to scare us!

Thank you Amber and Brooklyn for taking us!! Jaxon still is talking about the Dinosaur Park and it's been 3 weeks!!

Helping Papa...maybe

Brooklyn and Jaxon "helping" Papa Keith with the leaves! My parents yard has a lot of trees and every year there are a TON of leaves...I'm not sure how much they helped but I checked on them a few times and they were actually picking up armfuls and putting them in the trash bag! And then I saw them running through the leaves a few times!

Baby Brylie stayed nice and warm inside!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Presents for Jaxon

Opening presents! The funnest part of having a birthday!!

The car Jake built

Jaxon and his car

Today is Jaxon's birthday and I can't believe I have a 3 year old! Even though we had a party for him last night we decided to save a present for him and let him open it on his birthday! He and daddy spent the morning deciding what they were going to make and decided on making a motorized car! He has been playing with it all morning and luckily Jake could build it before he went to work (because I have no skills in building things, especially with all the parts)! The age Jaxon is right now has probably been my favorite! He has such a great sense of humor and pulls the silliest faces and says the funniest things! He is still in love with books and every time we go to Costco he chooses to look at the books first and then toys! He's becoming more independent and more stubborn but we can't help but laugh because he's just so cute! We love our little boy! Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Birthday Party for Jaxon

The Big 3!!

His birthday cake! We bought a few trucks to put on top of the cake and Jaxon even helped us decorate it with Tootsie Rolls!

We had a birthday party for Jaxon last night with Jake's family and had a lot of fun playing games, watching Toy Story 3 a few times and Stuart Little! He loved having his cousins come play-and it's always so funny to watch Jaxon around all the boys because he gets SO excited, and poor Wyatt kept getting jumped on by Jaxon. We babysat the kids for a few hours and Gale was so upset because he missed his mommy! He stood by the door and cried for a while but then he eventually had fun running around, playing with the kids!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year all three of us dressed up for Halloween! Jaxon and I went to one of the local high schools and had fun at a Trunk-or-Treat! He had so much fun going through the halls and getting candy from the students and teachers! I heard on the radio about a local dealership having a little party for kids so we went there and got a free pumpkin and Jaxon had his picture taken with a SPOOKY background...I love his picture!

These were some pictures one of our friends took and I just took a picture of them...sorry for the glare! My camera is actually working!!

He was the cutest dragon ever! All week he had been telling Jake and I that he wanted to be a hippo-and I had no idea where he got that idea, but then after watching "How to Train a Dragon" he was more than excited to dress up in the dragon costume! He was the cutest dragon and played the part well, by saying "RAWR" to alot of people handing out candy! Jake dressed up as a bank robber and I dressed up as Minnie Mouse! I had the perfect red and white polka-dot shirt to wear and Jake made me some mouse ears that were perfect! We had so much fun going around our neighborhood and seeing many of our friends who were also dressed up! We also went to the mall for a Trunk or Treat and so after Saturday night Jaxon had a ton of candy! One of our friends, an older gentleman in our ward was taking pictures of everyone who came to his I'm going to have to see if he will give me a copy of it because my camera is broken and the one year I actually got Jake to dress up with us we werent able to take any pictures! We had such a fun Halloween, and had Navajo Tacos for dinner, and came home after trick or treating and relaxed! Now it's times to get out all my Thanksgiving...and getting more and more excited for the holidays! We are looking forward for Jaxon's birthday this week and going up north this weekend for my neices baby blessing! I'm so excited to see my family!! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Monday, October 4, 2010

2010 St. George Marathon!!

My Brother-in-law Paul, Sara, and me just getting off the bus before the race! Paul and Sara both did awesome in the race! I kept up with them for a while but they both were so fast! They both finished a little over 4 hours! AMAZING! For some reason Paul and I were pretty relaxed before it started-I thought we would have been more nervous but we just enjoyed the scenery! My mom and sister couldn't sleep after dropping us off to load the buses, so they went to Walmart EARLY that morning. Great job Sara and Paul!

My first marathon

The photographer told me to strike a pose! This was around the Winchester Hills and I was starting to get tired and this is the only pose I could think of!

My friend I met while running the race. She helped me finish strong!!

Well I can officially say that I ran a marathon! I am so tired and I've been in some pain but it's been completely worth it! I started of following the 4 hour pacer for about 7 miles and then I started to slow down a bit, but when I made it through Veyo there were a lot of people cheering everyone of the runners and it helped me get pumped again! After the Veyo hill I just had a ton of adrenaline and I almost ran the entire race except for the uphill areas (I wanted to save my legs)! I found someone who I could keep up with just before the Veyo Hill and eventually we got to talking and we ran the rest of the race together. I was so happy to have found someone to run with! It made time go fast and the support made all the difference in finishing strong! Once I made it onto Diagonal-about mile 22 I think, my back was killing me-after so many stops at the aid stations to have Ben-Gay rubbed on my back, it just wasnt helping anymore and I started to hunch over-and that's when spectators started yelling my name and telling me I'm almost there I can do it. A few people handed me and my friend a popsicle and all of a sudden I got a burst of energy and followed through till I turned the corner and I could see the finish line-the greatest site! Jake and my dad came ran up to me telling me how well I had done and I started crying once I saw them and my family at the finish line. My legs were gone but I was still pushing through it and I made it to the finish line WAY before I had ever expected! I wanted to run it within 7 hours and my time was 5:34. I could have never finished the race without everyone's support. Im very very sore, but I would still do it again, there's just nothing like finishing a marathon and feeling invincible! Thanks again to my friends and family for all their amazing support and keeping me going!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birthday with My Boys!

Yummy Oreo Cake!

Jaxon giving me birthday kisses!!

I had more pictures but they won't upload for some reason! I had a very fun birthday with my two boys and I even got to go on a date with Jake! We dropped Jaxon off at the neighbors and then he and I went to see Eclipse! I had such a fun night and I was excited to get to go do something just with Jake-because we hardly ever do anything by ourselves. When we picked Jaxon up, before we even rang the doorbell, we could hear him giggling so hard-I know he was having so much fun! Today he said he wanted to go over to the people's house..meaning the next door neighbors to see their toys! I'm sure kids get tired of their own toys and it's fun to see what other people have!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lion King

Last year for my birthday my sister and our friend bought me a ticket to see The Lion King and the Capital Theatre in Salt Lake. The play wasnt until August of this year and so I was anticipating it all year long! One of my favorite things to do is to go to plays and I usually go to at least one at Tuacahn, but I haven't even done that this year-but I really want to see Tarzan...anyway back to The Lion King-can I just say that it was one of the MOST incredible plays I have ever seen?! It starts out with the actors coming down the aisle singing and their costumes and makeup are incredible, and it was breath taking hearing their voices and being so close!! My favorite was Scar-he had such a great voice...there always seems to be one or two characters that just stand out to me and he was that one for me! It was just a fun girls night out-I guess afternoon out really because we went to a matinee! I have heard it's also playing in Vegas and I'm sure it's great but this cast was just awesome! Afterwards we went to dinner over at the Gateway-it was yummy!! Jake and I also celebrated our anniversary and went on a little driving trip just stopping without planning anything-sometimes that may not be good, but it worked for us-we are spontaneous when it comes to trips and we enjoy just driving and hanging out with each other! If you have a chance to see The Lion King-DO NOT pass it up!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Carnival at the College

We went to a mini carnival over at the college this afternoon...needless to say it was HOT! HOT! HOT! I thought I was going to melt, but it was worth it because Jaxon had so much fun!
He loves bounce houses and when we first pulled up to the carnival he was trying to undo his car seat because he was so excited there was a bounce house!

Fun ride on the train!

The longest ride ever! I was getting sick just watching the kids go around and around, but Jaxon was all smiles. He kept giving high-5's to all the football players and he thought he was so big and tough!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jake....21 things I luv!

Here are a few reasons why I love Jake SOOO much.
1. He works hard to take care of me and Jaxon.
2. He will usually do whatever I want...go to plays, twilight movies etc. even though most the time I can't decide what we should do and you still don't get too mad!
3. He loves when I get ready for the day, but really love me when my hair is down and I have no make-up on, and how much you compliment me ;)
4. When we were dating he bought me a ton of flowers...I would be at work and roses were delivered and the girls at the front desk quit looking to see who they were for because they knew they were for me...what girl doesnt love flowers delivered to her at work? I love that...
5. The first night I met you, you went outside and pulled some pansies out of a flower bed of a business in town, because you really wanted to get me flowers but all the flower shops were closed. (but maybe he was telling me I was a pansie!)LOL
6. How you can try ANYTHING and do exceptionally well...welding, framing, etc!
7. How when I first met you, you always wore Hanes white tee shirts that showed your muscles because of framing, Wranglers, and your work boots
8. Our first date you took me to ParrotHead for lunch and it's still one of our favorite places to eat!
9. You always know how to fix everything!
10. You will watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette with me, and secretly like it!
11. How you remember everything....and then tease me about things that happened years ago that I had forgotten about! (like when you were allergic to ice) LOL
12. I love that you call me a lot through-out the day just to check on us
13. For wanting me to be home with Jaxon, and not caring if we got anything done but just played all day!
14. He enjoys spending time with my family.
15. He and my dad get along great...that's always been one of the most important things for me!
16. For being everything I ever wanted...really even when we get frustrated with each other you still are respectful.
17. He has a way that calms me down when I'm with him, no matter where we are I always feel that I'm at home when we are together.
18. The way he hangs up my clothes when doing the laundry-even though he doesn't do it how I like, I love that he does it....and how he thinks it's dumb to hang out clothes, let them air dry, and then when I put them in the dryer to soften them...he thinks everything and anything can go in together regardless of color/material! I LOVE that!
19. How knowledgeable he is with the scriptures etc. and how he never gets frustrated when I ask a lot of questions! He is SO amazingly patient!
20. How you try to take care of me when I'm sick...turn on the bath for me get me drinks and check on me...even though that's when I'm the most onry you put up with me.
21. Realize that sometimes I enjoy being alone and you willingly take Jaxon and go do things boys do for a while so I can enjoy the peace and quiet!

Happy Anniversary!! I love you SO much, and it feels like we have been married for longer than we have been!! I'm so glad we found each other and I'm so grateful for all you do for us.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sharpened Pencils

A few weeks ago I had to have a root canal and the dentist I went to has a drawing every month and guess what?! YES you guessed it, I WON! I was pretty excited...I told Jake that I felt like I won the lottery LOL! I won a backpack LOADED with school supplies! When I went to go pick up my winnings at the dentist office, the lady at the front desk and I were talking and she said "I bet your kids are going to be so excited!" I was thinking, I only have one baby and I was thinking forget the kids...I'M THE EXCITED ONE!!!! I love school on the movie "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" when Meg Ryan talks about loving fall, the smells, like freshly sharpened pencils...that is totally me! Guess you could say that I will be one excited mom for when my kids start school, not because they will be gone, but the smells of pencils, books, and projects! Although I've heard that even in kindergarten kids have a lot of homework YIKES! :)I think I deserved after the pain of a root canal!

Jaxie's Excited! So excited that he couldn't help from drawing all over his legs right before my VT ladies came! Fabulous! At least his shorts covered up most of it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog Updates???

Can someone help me with how to add updates of when friends and family have updated their blogs, so you can seen when they last posted something on their blogs? I've tried looking on the internet in a few places but I don't know what it's called, or how to search for it! Thank you so much!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stampin' Tools

I've been looking for some activities for Jaxon to do lately because I'm tired of him watching movies! If I let him he would watch movies all day long! Kids can always learn new things but I think he's at the "in between" age that he could be learning a lot of things, but yet he still is a little young to do some activites and remember them, but we have had a busy summer full of activities and I've tried to teach him about the animals we saw at the zoo and he knows all the noises they make! We have worked alot with counting and he once I start counting he can usually count to ten...if he wants he can be quite stubborn! He loves to color pictures and watercolor and he LOVES sticker books, so I was cleaning the other day and I came across a lot of stamps and found some that were perfect for! He has so much fun and was very proud of himself! I put the pictures on the fridge and he's been so excited and shows us what he did quite often! I'm loving this's probably been my favorite since he was born he has so much personality and he loves to learn!

He wanted to give his daddy a high-5! YAY!