Thursday, December 9, 2010

What We've Been up to

This year we were at my parents house for Thanksgiving. We of course went shopping Black Friday and didn't even sleep that night! We had a lot of fun driving up to Park City and going to the outlets that opened Thanksgiving night! Then we drove back down the canyon and went to the Layton Hills Mall and Target. The line for Target was CRAZY! It wrapped all the way around the back of the store and once we got inside the store it was a madhouse! People were running and the lines were SO LONG. We knew exactly what we wanted though and split up to get everything and my mom stood in line which was so smart because it saved a lot of time! We had a lot of fun!

The girls went to see "The Forgotten Carols" and I loved every minute of it! I've been able to see it twice and it is just what I needed to put me in the Christmas Spirit!

Amber and I took our kids to see "Tangled" which is the best Disney movie I've seen! We had so much fun and it was so cute to watch Jaxon...he would get nervous seeing the scary lady and he would grab my hand and then when it wasn't scary anymore he would push my hand away-he's so independent sometimes! Grandma and Papa spoil him and Grandma even let him have a present early!


Visit Park City said...

We're glad you made it up and had fun! We hope the deals made it worth the trip. Come see us again soon, visit for more winter deals and events.

bRaCkEnS said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!