Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fruita..The name says it all

Some great sites to learn more about Fruita, Utah:

Fruita had to be my favorite place we went on our trip! We did so much in the couple days that we had and we almost didn't go to Fruita, but I am so glad we did because it was my favorite part of the trip! This is definately a place I would love to come again. The park was actually a homestead for early pioneers. I think there were 10 families who settled there, and one man planted huge orchards, and now you can go and pick what you want and pay! They built a one-room schoolhouse for the children and had one teacher. The Gifford House is now a museum and a cute bakery shop that sales pies, jams, and homeade aprons. There was also a cool Ford truck parked out front that my dad would have liked!

On our hike to Hickman Bridge

Hickman Bridge..all of a sudden the clouds rolled in and thunder was above us when we happened to be hiking on the highest part of the mountain on our hike! Needless to say we ran as fast as we could and we were hair was dripping and our clothes were soaked, but it was so fun to get cooled down...I don't think I've ever been that drenched in a rainstorm before...we won't ever forget that-even living in St. George, knowing the sudden rainstorms we recieve and then 5 min. later the sun is out, would have never prepared me for this rainstorm! It was fun and I'm glad that Jaxon wasn't there getting drenched...and then probably getting a cold the next day! The power even went out at one of the visitor centers we went to! Our kind of trips are probably different to some people, but Jake and I really enjoy learning more about the pioneers and going new places in our home state! We love to go to the State/National parks, hiking, and enjoying the scenery. I think we take for granted living in such a beautiful state that millions of people from all over the world come to visit for a few days, and here we are lucky enough to have it in our backyard!

And Then Came the Floods!

These are some pics on the way to Capital Reef National Park. There was a MAJOR lightning storm and then came the rain! Its was intense driving on top of a mountian being able to see the cliffs drop off on each side of the car! The raindrops were HUGE and then when we came to the bottom of the canyon we saw a lot of people pulled off on the side of the road, so we wanted to see what was going on too! Jake pulled off on the side and as we walked over we saw a TON of water gushing down the canyon! Jake did a great job at getting some awesome pics!

I liked this was at Bryce but I thought it was cool how the base had two branches!

Meteor Showers and Bedside Flowers....

Jake and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on August 12th! We had so much fun on our trip, which wasnt really even planned! We knew we were going somewhere but we wanted a nice, relaxing vacation so we got in the car and just drove and decided we wanted to check out Bryce Canyon, which is one of my favorite parks! Who knew that it was going to be one of the busiest weekends, due to the fact that it was free entrance into all the national parks that weekend, so needless to say, all the hotel rooms were sold out, and we didn't want to pay almost $200.00 for one night (especially since we arrived around 9:30 pm) so we decided to "camp" and slept in our car! It was really a fun adventure the first night! We enjoyed watching the meteor shower amongst the stars, which were really enjoyable without the city lights! Here are a couple more pics from our trip:
An abandoned Mill that's also surrounded by magnificent views!

LDS church built by pioneers...the pitched roof is definately one-of-a-kind!

Where we stayed for one had such a beautiful view for the sunrise, and the cliffs that surrounded the house were AMAZING! The lady who owned the house made the MOST delicious muffins (but she wouldn't share her yummy secret)! Her house was surrounded with wildflowers that were placed in a vase in your room! I have never stayed at a bed and breakfast, but we really enjoyed this small town and went to see "The Proposal" at a theater in town, and ate at a cute little restaraunt.

Jake early in the morning watching the sunset from the porch! Even I got up to see it! WOW that is amazing in and of itself! ;)

Me at Bryce..Love this National Park...but we also went to Capital Reef..which I think is my favorite National Park! If you've never been it's definately worth the trip to go down to Fruita!

So beautiful...there is nothing like it in the world!