Monday, October 4, 2010

2010 St. George Marathon!!

My Brother-in-law Paul, Sara, and me just getting off the bus before the race! Paul and Sara both did awesome in the race! I kept up with them for a while but they both were so fast! They both finished a little over 4 hours! AMAZING! For some reason Paul and I were pretty relaxed before it started-I thought we would have been more nervous but we just enjoyed the scenery! My mom and sister couldn't sleep after dropping us off to load the buses, so they went to Walmart EARLY that morning. Great job Sara and Paul!

My first marathon

The photographer told me to strike a pose! This was around the Winchester Hills and I was starting to get tired and this is the only pose I could think of!

My friend I met while running the race. She helped me finish strong!!

Well I can officially say that I ran a marathon! I am so tired and I've been in some pain but it's been completely worth it! I started of following the 4 hour pacer for about 7 miles and then I started to slow down a bit, but when I made it through Veyo there were a lot of people cheering everyone of the runners and it helped me get pumped again! After the Veyo hill I just had a ton of adrenaline and I almost ran the entire race except for the uphill areas (I wanted to save my legs)! I found someone who I could keep up with just before the Veyo Hill and eventually we got to talking and we ran the rest of the race together. I was so happy to have found someone to run with! It made time go fast and the support made all the difference in finishing strong! Once I made it onto Diagonal-about mile 22 I think, my back was killing me-after so many stops at the aid stations to have Ben-Gay rubbed on my back, it just wasnt helping anymore and I started to hunch over-and that's when spectators started yelling my name and telling me I'm almost there I can do it. A few people handed me and my friend a popsicle and all of a sudden I got a burst of energy and followed through till I turned the corner and I could see the finish line-the greatest site! Jake and my dad came ran up to me telling me how well I had done and I started crying once I saw them and my family at the finish line. My legs were gone but I was still pushing through it and I made it to the finish line WAY before I had ever expected! I wanted to run it within 7 hours and my time was 5:34. I could have never finished the race without everyone's support. Im very very sore, but I would still do it again, there's just nothing like finishing a marathon and feeling invincible! Thanks again to my friends and family for all their amazing support and keeping me going!