Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birthday with My Boys!

Yummy Oreo Cake!

Jaxon giving me birthday kisses!!

I had more pictures but they won't upload for some reason! I had a very fun birthday with my two boys and I even got to go on a date with Jake! We dropped Jaxon off at the neighbors and then he and I went to see Eclipse! I had such a fun night and I was excited to get to go do something just with Jake-because we hardly ever do anything by ourselves. When we picked Jaxon up, before we even rang the doorbell, we could hear him giggling so hard-I know he was having so much fun! Today he said he wanted to go over to the people's house..meaning the next door neighbors to see their toys! I'm sure kids get tired of their own toys and it's fun to see what other people have!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lion King

Last year for my birthday my sister and our friend bought me a ticket to see The Lion King and the Capital Theatre in Salt Lake. The play wasnt until August of this year and so I was anticipating it all year long! One of my favorite things to do is to go to plays and I usually go to at least one at Tuacahn, but I haven't even done that this year-but I really want to see Tarzan...anyway back to The Lion King-can I just say that it was one of the MOST incredible plays I have ever seen?! It starts out with the actors coming down the aisle singing and their costumes and makeup are incredible, and it was breath taking hearing their voices and being so close!! My favorite was Scar-he had such a great voice...there always seems to be one or two characters that just stand out to me and he was that one for me! It was just a fun girls night out-I guess afternoon out really because we went to a matinee! I have heard it's also playing in Vegas and I'm sure it's great but this cast was just awesome! Afterwards we went to dinner over at the Gateway-it was yummy!! Jake and I also celebrated our anniversary and went on a little driving trip just stopping without planning anything-sometimes that may not be good, but it worked for us-we are spontaneous when it comes to trips and we enjoy just driving and hanging out with each other! If you have a chance to see The Lion King-DO NOT pass it up!