Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Little Saver!

I hate money change! It seems like it's always in Jake's pockets when I do the laundry and he leaves extra change on the night stand, sometimes I never know where I might find a penny, or dime but sometimes if I'm really lucky I might find a quarter when I'm doing the laundry-and feel like I just got a raise HAHA! I've had a plastic Eiffel Tower, which is broken and only holds so much coins anyway, but I was tired of change being everywhere so I started to make sure everytime I see money anywhere in the house I would put it in the broken tower! Jaxon loves to put money in his big crayola crayon bank and he gets so excited every time he gets to do it! Hopefully he will always be a good saver! The other day I decided I'm getting rid of all the change in the house and went to put it in one of Jaxon's bank accounts...well Jake and I both bet on how much money was in the change, including some quarters my Grandma Hofler gives all the grandkids and Jake guessed around $24.50 and I guessed $29.17...our bank has a counter for change like the COINSTAR, but it's free! The only thing bad about it is how loud the machine is and it's right in the front of the lobby at the bank so I just kept dumping and dumping until finally it was all gone and then the reciept printed, and I was AMAZED how much was in there-$141.41 WOW I was so excited and thought that maybe I should have waited till our baby boy comes and put it in his account but we are starting over now and he will get the next round of change! So while I still dislike change very much, I am obsessed with putting change in our broken tower-maybe I should just buy a new bank! I'm thinking I should be happy that my husband has the extra change laying around because it's been entertaining for me!


Kaytee Postma said...

In years past I've collected change, like if I paid with cash and had a couple of bucks coming back to me I'd ask for it in change instead of bills and at the end of the year I'd use that cash to pay for Christmas. In some years it was several hundred dollars so don't bash on that found money cause it adds up quickly! :0)

Kaytee Postma said...

At least you are working out while you are pregnant! You inspire me! I have been so ultra lazy with this pregnancy. Who cares what you look like running down the street. Just keep it up!

bRaCkEnS said...

THis is AWESOME!!! I think I might do this! I hate change too, and so brent has this HUGE coors jar (ya, coors I know..haha) anyway, we put change in it.. and soon when its full well put it in Rydge's account and start saving!! Its a great idea!