Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Painting Pumpkins

Last weekend we painted pumpkins! Jake and I helped Jaxon with his pumpkin and then I had fun doing it I went a bought another pumpkin for myself to paint! Both the boys fell asleep early Saturday night so I worked on my pumpkin! I've never actually carved a pumpkin-I know I know, but painting is just as fun and it's alot less mess!

Here is's Tink!

Scary Skeletons

Jaxon and Logan are skeletons this year for Halloween! Last night we had a ward primary costume party and they both wore their costumes! They had so much fun I had to get a picture of them together before Halloween is over! Jaxon has gotten good use out of his costume! They are pajamas and he wore them to enrichment night and he'll probably wear it tomorrow at school for the costume party! The best part is that on Halloween we can just come home and he can go right to sleep in his jammies ;) We experimented with some face paint today for the costume party tomorrow and let me just say I am no artist, but Jaxon loved having it done so of course it was worth trying!

Jaxon wanted Logan to look at me, so he thought he needed a little help! My mom got their costumes and they even glow in the dark!

Look Who's Sitting Up!

Logan is 6 months all ready and I can't believe it! In the last few days he has started to scoot! He doesn't scoot like Jaxon did though (Jaxon would scoot around on his bum, causing major holes in many outfits)! Logan scoots on his back-it's so crazy to me! I was talking to my mom earlier and I was telling her about how he started scooting around on the floor and we both couldn't believe it! Jaxon also never crawled-he went from scooting to walking so it will be interesting to see if the scooting on the back thing is here to stay for Mr. Logan! I think that the querky things like that make me love my kids even more!