Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake!

Happy Birthday to Daddy! We had a fun day hanging out together and I even made him a steak! I hate steak! Not even dislike...hate. LOL But I would cook anything for him ;) He had gone fishing for a while and brought me back some trout and he cooked it for me, pretty rude on his birthday I guess! I just love the way he cooks it so I had fish for dinner and he had his steak...that I didn't even burn! Jake's parents came to see him before they went to Mesquite and she made a DELICIOUS cheesecake for him! She said she didn't even try any-WOW I don't know that I would have that much willpower-she looks incredible and she has given me a lot of motivation this week to go running! I've ran a few every day this week! YAY Anyway back to Jake's bday...I got him a "fly rod" from Dick's Sporting Goods and when I gave it to him he says "this is great." I could tell just the way he said it, that it wasn't the right rod. I even swallowed my pride and asked an older man who worked there about buying a fly rod. He showed me the fly rods and said to me "These are what I use." Ok dude, so I was totally trying to be a cool wife and go out on a limb and buy him something COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone and what happened I bought the wrong thing! I ended up returning it to Dick's and again swallowed my pride. Obviously you can't put a fishing pole/fly rod in a grocery bag, ugh it still makes me uncomfortable~! I don't have a problem returning things but out of my own insecurities, to me it looked like I was that wife who obviously bought the wrong thing and I just wanted to return it. I didn't even want anyone to ask me if I wanted to look for something else to exchange it...but they did, and I returned it AND the free sweatshirt (the cashier wondered why I was returning the sweatshirt bc it was free). I just said it seems like the honest thing to do, right? I know he had a great birthday and he's still undecided about getting new work boots or a fly rod. WOW we are so sentimental for birthdays arent we?! Probably the only family picture we have....I'm so bad at getting pictures done!
My sweet boys!