Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jake's Creations!

Jake took rocks out of the lot behind the house and carved them with a dremmel! He wanted Jaxon's name to look
like giant alphabet blocks!!! I painted them!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fly fishing at Gunlock

Jake and Jaxon

Jake in his float tube at Gunlock!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jaxon Loves Balloons

Jaxon loves to put his face right up to balloons! It's so funny to watch him cause he really concentrates for a while, and then he gets excited and squeezes the balloon! He gets so excited that sometimes he snorts! I was so afraid it was going to pop and upset him, but the balloon still stands-or floats as we speak! Ok kinda floats...this baby has a great sense of humor! Must be from his mommy.... :)

Welcome Home Elder Levi Gardner

Jaxon and Levi meet for the first time!!!!!!

Well, a lot has happened since Levi left on his mission! Jake and I were getting married when he left, we both had different jobs than we do now (which I can happily say that I LOVE my job) and we had a baby-and that's just me and Jake! I've only been to two homecomings at the airport for missionaries, and that was for Anena, Jake's sister, and nowLevi, Jake's brother! It was sooo cool to be there! The last to arrive off the plane were three missionaries, who all walked in together! Every one was cheering and of course there were tears and hugs-I wasn't sure if I could hug Levi or not, so I shook his hand, but I got a hug too!

It was soooo exciting and suspensful waiting for his flight to arrive! His flight was to be in at 2:30pm, and finally at 4:30 pm his plane was here! Everyone was anxious to see Levi! Maybe it was a trick the missionaries planned together to come in last off the plane, knowing thier families were anxiously waiting! I saw Levi hugging Grandpa Staheli, and I couldn't help but get a little emotional, because it was such a heart-felt hug, like grandpa was so pleased and happy to have Elder Gardner home!

After the airport, Jake's family came to our house and when we were eating watermelon, Levi was telling us about how a lady in Brazil made a dessert with the white part of the watermelon, and put sugar on it-sounded delicious to me!

Me and Mommy LOVE Watermelon

Jaxon loves to suck on the watermelon, and as soon as I took it away he cried! Maybe he likes it cause it's all I ate when I was pregnant! At first he thought the texture was different and then he grabbed one of the sides and tried to bite into it! He wasn't too sure of it at first, but then he loved it!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blue Balloon

We got this balloon from a new scrapbook store that opened in St. George! Jaxon kept staring at all the balloons in the store, so I got him one and he was so happy! He kept a tight hold of the string and kept hitting himself with it and laughing! He has a funny sense of humor! As you can see, he loves to hold things with his feet!

My shirts on my head!

I think this pic explains itself! He makes me laugh!

Surf 'N Swim

Last week we went to Layton for the week to see my family, and went to Surf 'N Swim with Amber and Brooklyn! Brooklyn loved to play in the water with Jaxon! Jaxon loved to watch the waves and all the kids!

Laundry Basket Racecar!

Jake was taking Jaxon for a ride in the laundry basket! He was laughing so hard, and got so excited, especially when daddy says "vrooooom vroooooom!"

Biter Biscuits

Jaxon loves biter biscuits!! He gets its all over himself, but he gets so excited when he sees them!