Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Rocks!!

Polar Express Day

Today was Polar Express Day at preschool and Jaxon got to wear his PJ's to school! I was so excited-I kinda wish I was invited to go to the Polar Express Day! Tiffany, his teacher set up different stations-the story station of "The Polar Express," the counting station, the craft station, the snack station, the letter station, and the color station! All the kids were super excited when the moms came to pick up their kids-I know it was such a fun day! Jaxon also did the show-and-tell today! He wanted to bring his Buzz and Woody, and he also brought something for the clue bag! He could pick from a list of letters and he chose to bring his Pirate Potato Head! Tiffany gave each of the kids a reindeer chocolate milk, and their finger paint pictures!

He has learned SO much in the amount of time he's been in school he's learned how to spell his name, he can say the alphabet without any help, and he can count-they are learning about the number 12 right now! I'm so happy he loves school! On Monday he had a Christmas program and all the kids sang songs and did a Nativity scene! Jaxon was a wise man! They dressed up like reindeer and Santa even came. They also made a special gift for their mommy's and daddy's of their handprints in mittens! I love that kind of stuff! :)Jaxon keeps telling Santa he wants a big car...then he'll say "well, a medium sized car." So I think we figured out that he wants a remote control car-looks Santa better make sure he's got that it's the only thing I've heard him tell Santa!

I don't know what I'm going to do for a few weeks without school because Jaxon asks me every day if he has school today...I guess we will have to play our own school!