Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

I don't think I tell Jake enough how much I really appreciate him and everything he does for me and Jaxon. He always gets up and goes to work early in the morning and then comes home after working a 12 plus hour shift and even though he's tired he always plays with Jaxon and wants to talk about what has happened while he was away. He never complains about anything, and I love that he is happy just spending time at home. Jake is so intelligent, and he truly has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone! I feel so lucky do be called his wife. I love you Jake...thank you for everything you do for us and for always making me laugh! I hope that you have a great birthday......

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun at Hidden Valley Park

This is my neice Brooklyn! Everytime she comes, we make a trip to the Hidden Valley Park! As soon as we pull up, it seems like she's the first one with her seat belt off and as soon as the door opens, she's running to the slides and the swings! I never knew of a little kid that was so happy to just see the park, or a bus, or a loader ;) I love her big grin!!!

It's sooo funny to hear Brooklyn look for loaders now that she has got to actually ride in one with Uncle Jake! She is so smart-and now loves to tell stories about Jake taking her for a ride in the loader and Jaxon likes to ride it too! She loves to call and talk to us on the phone, and loves to say "tickle tickle Jaxie" when she knows he's listening!

Going down the slide!

Me and Brooklyn and Jaxon on the big slide!

Just needed a little help from grandma to make it back up the slide!

This was Jaxon's little buddy! He played forever in the tunnel with this other baby-he was such a cutie! I loved his PUMA's!

I had to post this picture-cause I love the look on Brooklyn's face! She loved to stand in the "spider web"....she is so funny!

Things Jaxon Likes To Do....

Jaxon loves to ride around his little car, although he'd rather just move the steering wheel around and honk the horn than "drive" around in it! He loves cars and makes funny sounds (his own verson of vroom vroom)when he's driving them!!

He also loved to ride on his 4-wheeler, and has finally figured out how to push the button to make it go! Yes Jaxon still has a fascination with balloons! He has a couple right now and for some reason he couldn't let this pink one out of his site! It's in a lot of the pics I've been taking lately!

We love to go for walks in the wagon! Sometimes Jaxon is out in the garage with Jake and Jaxon pulls the wagon around, scooting on the ground until we get the hint that he wants to ride in it! He gets sooo excited just to sit in it, that sometimes we don't even have to go anywhere with it-he's just a content little guy!

This is one of my scooters that I've had forever! Sometimes Jaxon loves to just be right next to it, but he loves to ride on it! He holds on to the handle of the scooter and keeps his little feet side by side on the bottom of it, while mommy drives it around the driveway and many times we've gone up and down the hill-he likes to go pretty fast, but I'm too nervous he'll put his foot on the pavement and fall off-he's watched me on it, and copies me by tapping the pavement with his feet a couple times while he's riding! He has such a deep laugh when he's on the scooter-I think it's one of his favorite toys!

These blocks are so fun! My sister bought them for him, and he loves to sit and stack and then demolish! I will try to stack them up as high as I can before he comes to destruct my tower-while he laughs and has a big grin on his face....he is such a tease!