Friday, February 6, 2009

Jaxon at the Doctor

I took Jaxon to the pediatrician today and the doctor said he is doing GREAT!! He is in the 80th percentile for his height (32") and in the 40th percentile for his weight (23 pds)! The doctor kept saying that he is one tall boy! He isn't concerned that Jaxon isnt walking, he is a scooter, and so the doctor thinks that for now he gets around just fine scooting! I'm so relieved! It's so funny to watch him, he can get going pretty fast! I still have people who want to record them on their cell phones when we are in public! I'm so used to it that I forget that other people think that it's so different!!

Jaxon looks like he's laughing in this picture, but he isnt! He just took a giant handful of his puffum treats and shoved them all into his mouth! He is a silly little guy! He jabbers away all the time, reading books to himself and his mommy and daddy, and he is a big story teller, some I think are fibs. He says a lot of words like momma, da da da, and wow, which really sounds like waaa! He has caught us of guard lots of times when he repeats a word we have said, and we get excited and he just looks at us like we are crazy!

Thank goodness for suckers! Dum Dums are one of Jaxon's favorite treats! They are a lifesaver at of the nurses at the pediatrician gave him one after he had three shots-he did soooooo incredibly good! He of course cried, and wanted me to hold him, but as soon as it was over he reached for me and that was it-over! He is such a brave little guy, and sooooo sensitive, but he is soooo forgiving! I'm so greatful for just an easy going baby-he is always happy and really only cries if his feelings are hurt! I'm glad he is has such a soft heart, and likes to be cuddled!