Friday, January 28, 2011


My friend Tasha made some really cute wood blocks a few days ago and I thought maybe I could make something too! I didn't want to copy hers because after all, it was her idea but I'm glad she didn't get sick of me bothering her yesterday with my was kind of hard for me at first because I like to see the finshed product before it's finished-so in other words I'm not too creative with thinking up my own craft ideas! Yes-I made these, I can hardly believe I finished a craft project! It's amazing that I even finished one of my projects. I started making it last night and it's finished today! Jake helped me by cutting out the blocks from a job that he did. I have a TON of scrapbook paper and I sorted through all the Valentine paper I had and decided I wanted to do Amour, which I'm sure you all know means Love. I have a few different sets of wood blocks that say Love so I decided to do Amour! Now that I'm finished with this project I'm excited to start something else-I've seen a lot of cute ideas that I want to do!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making Crayons!

This morning Jaxon and I made our own crayons! I had a few crayons that have are broken and Jaxon won't color with broken crayons, and neither will the primary kids so I decided to melt them in a tin can on the stove and then pour them into empty pill bottles. It only takes about 10 minutes for the wax to set up and I let Jaxon pick out the order of the colors. I used the same can to melt each color which changed the colors a little bit but it was a fun project to make! We used a crayon maker this weekend and let me just say if there is anyone considering buying this DON'T! The box makes it look like your going to get these fun swirly colors, but in all reality all you get is something that looks like the color of baby poop! HA HA Or you get one dominant color when you're trying to mix the colors. Once you get the crayon wrapper off then it's easy to just put it in the tin can and turn your stove on low heat and it melt within seconds, as opposed to the "Crayon Maker" that takes about 20 minutes for 4 itsy bitsy crayons-which they might as well be broken because the kids just won't color with crayons that arent quite an inch long! Anyway, now I feel like Oprah-like the time she commented about beef and then got sued! I hope there arent any Crayon Maker advocates waiting to serve me papers now! I'm just sayin' it's easy when you have a stove, a pan, a tin can (who doesn't have a can of soup or something), and empty pill bottles to use. But just a bit of advice if you're going to do this, I would use the smaller pill bottles, because I used both big and smaller bottles and the bigger crayon broke all ready and it's was kind of big for Jaxon to grasp. He all ready wants to make more but I just can't bring myself to breaking crayons for this purpose, esp. when they are Crayola crayons-I just like Crayola crayons better than the Dollar Store Crayons but maybe it's just in my head!

Picking out the colors-he's wearing a Harmon's apron just his size that Randy Harmon gave him when we were at Harmon's a few weeks ago-it fits him perfectly! All he needs is a bakers hat!
Picking out colors

Pouring Wax into the pill bottle

Coloring with Spiderman-he's really been into Spiderman and Ironman and I just found out Disney bought Marvel so maybe we will see these characters in Disneyland! I'm hoping to be able to ride some rides while being prego though, no Tower of Terror for me though!

Finished product

Jaxon wanted to take a picture of us making now that's a closeup-whatever you do, don't look at my eyebrows!

If any of my friends do this fun little project PLEASE post your pics-I want to see how they turn out and maybe you could give me a few suggestions for next time!

Fun with Grandma and Papa

Grandma and Papa came down this week and we've been having so much fun playing Candy Land, going to the park and of course shopping! Even Papa and Daddy played a round of Candy Land with us! Jaxon picks out what character we are going to play (this version has fun characters, bridges, and a castle), Jaxon is always the "Candyman", Grandma is the Queen, Mommy is the "Birdie", and Papa is well, "the papa!" You have to see the Papa, because he has a beard just like Papa Keith has! Even when Jake plays, Jaxon makes him be the "The Papa!" I forgot how fun this game is and we have honestly played it at least 50 times if not more this past week! I'm amazed at how fast he has learned his colors-he has another Candy Land carpet game that has giant Gingerbread men that he likes too but I think he loves to play the board game with the cute characters!
Jaxon LOVES Candy Land

Grandma and Papa playing a good old fashioned game of Candy Land

Making Crayons

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun at the Treehouse!

While we were up north a few weekends ago, my sister and I took our kids to The Treehouse! I wish we had something like it in St. George! The kids have so much fun just running around and trying on costumes, playing with the toys, doing puzzles and playing games on the computers! There's usually a craft to make in one area and this time it was a word worm! I thought it was a cute idea, but Jaxon has a short atttention span and so I finished it for him! This place is great for all ages and I think it has something for everyone! It's fun to just be able to let your kids play and run around! We can't wait to go again!