Saturday, November 20, 2010

We Love to Party!

A few weeks ago we went up north to celebrate Jaxon's birthday and go to two baby blessings! It was the perfect getting to go to my neice's baby blessing and to see my cousins baby boy be blessed. It actually worked out perfect because both blessing were at different times so we were able to make it to both and see my cousins baby for the first time! It's funny how you forget how little babies are when they are first born! It was fun getting to spend time with family and having a fun birthday party for Jaxon with my family! He got a ton of fun presents from my sisters and money to put in his bank from my parents! Lately he loves to get money and put it in the bank...I hope that means he will be good about saving as he gets older!! Thank you to my family for all the fun presents...we've all ready watched "Stitch" (as Jaxon calls it) and the Letter Factory movies many times and he loves taking pictures with his camera! He is excited to make snow cones with Sponge Bob-who he is obsessed with! Every night he picks out his pajamas and 99.9% of the time he picks SpongeBob PJ's and SpongeBob underwear and carries a Spongebob....and of course watches SpongeBob! He also got a helmet to wear when he rides his scooter and bike! He was definately spoiled this year, but I think he's completely worth it!

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jenn said...

That is funny! Kash always goes for her Dora pj's