Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adrenaline...Can You Feel It....

Whoever started the saying "School is Cool," I'd like to ask them what they were thinking! School is always on my mind and sometimes I wonder what possibilities may come after completing my degree, which is excited and scary! I love the opportunity to learn new ideas and challenge myself although it's been challenging with being a mom and going to school, and supporting my husband with his endeavors, but sometimes I wonder if I have it in me-16 credits is just about enough to make someone be on the edge! The tests are starting, papers are due, and the stress escalades...but I kind of like it....isn't that sick?! What kind of adrenaline comes from going to school....maybe it's when peers rip my heart out when I've written a paper that I put my soul into, or maybe it's the anticipation of getting up in front of my classmates and hopefully not letting them see my vulnerability, or maybe it's the feeling of doing well on a test, and getting an A on my paper (WHOO HOO)!

I know it will be worth it in the end....will I be a different person? I don't think so. Will I be in a better place? Hopefully! I want my kids to know how important education is and you never will regret having too much of an education. I may not be "running a marathon" in school, and even if it takes me a long time I can say that I did it! Now it's on to conquer Finance, (yaaaaay)....NOT

Oh and one more thing...I just found out that if you type a site for bible study comes up-wierd...just a bit of useless information for you!