Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jake....21 things I luv!

Here are a few reasons why I love Jake SOOO much.
1. He works hard to take care of me and Jaxon.
2. He will usually do whatever I want...go to plays, twilight movies etc. even though most the time I can't decide what we should do and you still don't get too mad!
3. He loves when I get ready for the day, but really love me when my hair is down and I have no make-up on, and how much you compliment me ;)
4. When we were dating he bought me a ton of flowers...I would be at work and roses were delivered and the girls at the front desk quit looking to see who they were for because they knew they were for me...what girl doesnt love flowers delivered to her at work? I love that...
5. The first night I met you, you went outside and pulled some pansies out of a flower bed of a business in town, because you really wanted to get me flowers but all the flower shops were closed. (but maybe he was telling me I was a pansie!)LOL
6. How you can try ANYTHING and do exceptionally well...welding, framing, etc!
7. How when I first met you, you always wore Hanes white tee shirts that showed your muscles because of framing, Wranglers, and your work boots
8. Our first date you took me to ParrotHead for lunch and it's still one of our favorite places to eat!
9. You always know how to fix everything!
10. You will watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette with me, and secretly like it!
11. How you remember everything....and then tease me about things that happened years ago that I had forgotten about! (like when you were allergic to ice) LOL
12. I love that you call me a lot through-out the day just to check on us
13. For wanting me to be home with Jaxon, and not caring if we got anything done but just played all day!
14. He enjoys spending time with my family.
15. He and my dad get along great...that's always been one of the most important things for me!
16. For being everything I ever wanted...really even when we get frustrated with each other you still are respectful.
17. He has a way that calms me down when I'm with him, no matter where we are I always feel that I'm at home when we are together.
18. The way he hangs up my clothes when doing the laundry-even though he doesn't do it how I like, I love that he does it....and how he thinks it's dumb to hang out clothes, let them air dry, and then when I put them in the dryer to soften them...he thinks everything and anything can go in together regardless of color/material! I LOVE that!
19. How knowledgeable he is with the scriptures etc. and how he never gets frustrated when I ask a lot of questions! He is SO amazingly patient!
20. How you try to take care of me when I'm sick...turn on the bath for me get me drinks and check on me...even though that's when I'm the most onry you put up with me.
21. Realize that sometimes I enjoy being alone and you willingly take Jaxon and go do things boys do for a while so I can enjoy the peace and quiet!

Happy Anniversary!! I love you SO much, and it feels like we have been married for longer than we have been!! I'm so glad we found each other and I'm so grateful for all you do for us.

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