Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Pics from Bella Rose

Fun pics from Bella Rose Photography!

These are some fun pics of my neice Brooklyn and my little guy Jaxon! Jaxon had fallen earlier that day and he was not too happy to have pictures done! He wouldn't let his mommy out of his sight!! I still think they are perfect-Jaxon's face is so animated when he's crying...I love how she got his deep red lips and his blue eyes! Brooklyn is so photogenic-she was so happy, and loved the bubbles, and her tu tu! We tried to get some pics of Jaxon in Grandpa Keith's truck but he was not having it...I think that my favorite ones are of Brooklyn in the red truck! Please check out Bella-Rose Photography (it's on my list) This girl does such a great job!

Monday, May 11, 2009

More San Fran!

The jellyfish were so cool at The Bay Acquarium

Chocolate anyone?

Street Scape

Fun Easter Egg Hunt!

Luv the hat!!

Cool shades!

So nice to share your treats! 2 peas in a pod!

Whoever hid those eggs made it tooo easy! They were in plain sight!

ok I know that this was for a 1 and 2 year old!!

Finding more eggs! WHOA twenty dollars?

Mom just got quarters hidden in her eggs!!

Brooklyn found some eggs in a great hiding place! Once again in plain sight!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Brooklyn and Jaxon were sooo excited to color the eggs!

ok I think Brooklyn was more excited!

Our colorful egg swimming pools!! ;)

Grandma Jewels and the kids

The kiddos

Brooklyn coloring the eggs!

Jazz Game!!

Me and My Sister!


We thought he was going to do something really cool, but all he did was climb up the ladder and wave at everyone!

My sister had tickets to one of the games in the finals against the Lakers! We actually won two tickets to the game by participating in a poster contest-and WON!! Amber and Paul all ready had tickets, and we had decided to head down to Salt Lake to put our poster in the contest on a chance that it might win-and it did! It was such an exciting game and the Jazz ended up winning! My sister's husband ended up calling a friend who lived really close to the Delta Center and made it over right before the game started-way to hussle Nate!! In case your wondering how we won: our poster said "We Came to see the Jazz Kick Kobe's Azz" Ha Ha I think the Jazz ended up winning because they knew we were coming! Even though the season is over, we sure had fun at that game!!