Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jake's Leaving us...for 6 Months!!

I'm excited, nervous, sad, anxious and have never wanted time to go by fast as much as I do now! We are excited for new opportunities for our family and even though it seems like a huge sacrifice now, I know that we will be better for having gone through it! Last year Jake was working in Vegas during the week and now I think that that was just gearing me up for this year since Jake will be leaving for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba(GTMO) sometime this week! Or "Git-mo" as people call it! He will be gone for 6 months. He will be running an underground crew for building houses! I hope time goes fast! There has been a lot of things we've needed to get done before he goes and I can hardly believe the time is coming, ok it's here! I am staying in Utah for now unless if Jake convinces me to go there eventually. We are going to stay busy busy while daddy's away. We really thought about this job opportunity and thought the worst part is being away from each other, but Jake said that I will only have to miss 1 person and he will be missing 3! He will also miss our anniversary, my birthday, and most likely Jaxon's birthday. He might be home for Thanksgiving but I'm not sure if he will even be home then-or for Christmas! But we will be together in January! I can't wait for January! It will be worth it!! I'm so very grateful that my husband has been able to stay busy here in St. George but when his cousin called and asked him to come work we decided he couldn't pass up the chance! I'm excited for Jake to get to go. They have a golf course, outdoor movies, scuba/snorkeling, and a half-marathon and full marathon. I told him to start training and if we get down there we can run a marathon together-he told me to keep dreamin! I had to say it though! I'm excited to hear about his adventures and I feel good knowing he will be there with family! Is is January yet?! LOL