Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jake's Leaving us...for 6 Months!!

I'm excited, nervous, sad, anxious and have never wanted time to go by fast as much as I do now! We are excited for new opportunities for our family and even though it seems like a huge sacrifice now, I know that we will be better for having gone through it! Last year Jake was working in Vegas during the week and now I think that that was just gearing me up for this year since Jake will be leaving for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba(GTMO) sometime this week! Or "Git-mo" as people call it! He will be gone for 6 months. He will be running an underground crew for building houses! I hope time goes fast! There has been a lot of things we've needed to get done before he goes and I can hardly believe the time is coming, ok it's here! I am staying in Utah for now unless if Jake convinces me to go there eventually. We are going to stay busy busy while daddy's away. We really thought about this job opportunity and thought the worst part is being away from each other, but Jake said that I will only have to miss 1 person and he will be missing 3! He will also miss our anniversary, my birthday, and most likely Jaxon's birthday. He might be home for Thanksgiving but I'm not sure if he will even be home then-or for Christmas! But we will be together in January! I can't wait for January! It will be worth it!! I'm so very grateful that my husband has been able to stay busy here in St. George but when his cousin called and asked him to come work we decided he couldn't pass up the chance! I'm excited for Jake to get to go. They have a golf course, outdoor movies, scuba/snorkeling, and a half-marathon and full marathon. I told him to start training and if we get down there we can run a marathon together-he told me to keep dreamin! I had to say it though! I'm excited to hear about his adventures and I feel good knowing he will be there with family! Is is January yet?! LOL

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake!

Happy Birthday to Daddy! We had a fun day hanging out together and I even made him a steak! I hate steak! Not even dislike...hate. LOL But I would cook anything for him ;) He had gone fishing for a while and brought me back some trout and he cooked it for me, pretty rude on his birthday I guess! I just love the way he cooks it so I had fish for dinner and he had his steak...that I didn't even burn! Jake's parents came to see him before they went to Mesquite and she made a DELICIOUS cheesecake for him! She said she didn't even try any-WOW I don't know that I would have that much willpower-she looks incredible and she has given me a lot of motivation this week to go running! I've ran a few every day this week! YAY Anyway back to Jake's bday...I got him a "fly rod" from Dick's Sporting Goods and when I gave it to him he says "this is great." I could tell just the way he said it, that it wasn't the right rod. I even swallowed my pride and asked an older man who worked there about buying a fly rod. He showed me the fly rods and said to me "These are what I use." Ok dude, so I was totally trying to be a cool wife and go out on a limb and buy him something COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone and what happened I bought the wrong thing! I ended up returning it to Dick's and again swallowed my pride. Obviously you can't put a fishing pole/fly rod in a grocery bag, ugh it still makes me uncomfortable~! I don't have a problem returning things but out of my own insecurities, to me it looked like I was that wife who obviously bought the wrong thing and I just wanted to return it. I didn't even want anyone to ask me if I wanted to look for something else to exchange it...but they did, and I returned it AND the free sweatshirt (the cashier wondered why I was returning the sweatshirt bc it was free). I just said it seems like the honest thing to do, right? I know he had a great birthday and he's still undecided about getting new work boots or a fly rod. WOW we are so sentimental for birthdays arent we?! Probably the only family picture we have....I'm so bad at getting pictures done!
My sweet boys!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sleeps his daddy! AND Jack Frost...

Logan fell asleep yesterday and today in his high chair! He was fussy and I was getting ready to give him some homemade mac and cheese (my fav) and as soon as I finished making it he was asleep! Should I be offended that Jaxon won't eat my mac and cheese (he loves mac and cheese) and besides a few bites here and there all he has wanted is hot chocolate?

It snowed a little today and he had to go out in his coat and pjs and see the snow...and he wanted to make a snowman and have hot chocolate, and of course sing the song "Hot Chocolate" from "Polar Express!"

Jaxon says his name will be Frosty, and he needs a button for his nose, and eyes of coal and we gotta have a we used TINY rocks for eyes and made about a 2 inch snowman! He melted by 11!

Jax and his CTR ring..don't mind the pirate sword!
Jaxon also sings "I Am A Child of God" by saying "lead me, beside me, lead me, beside me" (that's pretty much the whole song that he sings) I love it! ;) At the primary program a few months ago all the kids told their favorite scripture story; Jaxon's was "Noah and the Whale" and I thought it was PERFECT! After he said his favorite story all the kids left in his class said the same thing...Noah-and the Whale! So many people were cracking up because we all knew it was wrong but it was too cute!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What do I do all day?!

I have so many things I want to be doing right now but it seems like I don't get a lot done that I want to do unless if Jake's home! Logan is into EVERYTHING! Yesterday he dumped crackers all over in the pantry and thoroughly enjoyed every last bit of it...until I cleaned it up but really, I'm not kidding that he's busy...every day he has what I call "makin' his rounds!" He knocks off everything on the coffee tables and end tables and then he goes to the entertainment center and clears off the pictures and decorations and then he goes to the pantry and grabs various items and throws them on the ground without even looking at where they are landing! The other day I was trying to get him away from all my beads and fabric that I had left out because I was trying to work on them every day and while I was trying to clean up and put my bead tray on the top of the couch to keep them high so he couldn't get to it, and what happens? Well I made the biggest mess when I went to sit down and beads were all over in the seat cushions and somehow managed to land down the back of my shirt...Jaxon thought that was hilarous because some of the beads are chunky and COLD going down my back! I thought oh my heck why am I the one making the mess?! Day in the life at our house :) Needless to say that Logan wears me out especially since Jake works at least until 7, but I love my little squish squish anyway!! The other day a lady asked me if he was 6 months old!! WHAT?! Say that again...ya she asked if he was like what 6 months or so...ya sure ;) try 10 months, but I took it with confidence because that has never happened before! Most people think my babies are way older than they really are because they are just big babies!! And now Jax is just skin and bone...wish I could say the same for myself!LOL Gotta go..Logan is grunting and growling at me..HILARIOUS, I've never heard a baby who grunts and growls so much!

My bows that Logan miraculously opened and had to explore! Nothing is EVER child proof!

Spongebob..Jaxon wanted his picture with my fabric too ;)

Jax and SpongeBOB!!

Logan playing with my fabric

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Rocks!!

Polar Express Day

Today was Polar Express Day at preschool and Jaxon got to wear his PJ's to school! I was so excited-I kinda wish I was invited to go to the Polar Express Day! Tiffany, his teacher set up different stations-the story station of "The Polar Express," the counting station, the craft station, the snack station, the letter station, and the color station! All the kids were super excited when the moms came to pick up their kids-I know it was such a fun day! Jaxon also did the show-and-tell today! He wanted to bring his Buzz and Woody, and he also brought something for the clue bag! He could pick from a list of letters and he chose to bring his Pirate Potato Head! Tiffany gave each of the kids a reindeer chocolate milk, and their finger paint pictures!

He has learned SO much in the amount of time he's been in school he's learned how to spell his name, he can say the alphabet without any help, and he can count-they are learning about the number 12 right now! I'm so happy he loves school! On Monday he had a Christmas program and all the kids sang songs and did a Nativity scene! Jaxon was a wise man! They dressed up like reindeer and Santa even came. They also made a special gift for their mommy's and daddy's of their handprints in mittens! I love that kind of stuff! :)Jaxon keeps telling Santa he wants a big car...then he'll say "well, a medium sized car." So I think we figured out that he wants a remote control car-looks Santa better make sure he's got that it's the only thing I've heard him tell Santa!

I don't know what I'm going to do for a few weeks without school because Jaxon asks me every day if he has school today...I guess we will have to play our own school!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Golfer

If you ask Jaxon if he wants to go fishing, sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't but you never have to ask twice if he wants to go golfing, especially with our friend Matthew! I haven't been golfing since I was pregant with Jaxon-I know me pregant and golfing-I quit before it was hurting too much and then I haven't been since, but maybe one day when Logan is older I can start again! Anyway so Jake got Jaxon his first REAL set of clubs and a few weeks ago we walked to the golf course and putted. I had never seen Jaxon golf or putt but I was impressed! I'm glad Jaxon and Jake can go to something they both like to do together!