Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Jake of all Trades"

Jake is rarely in pics, mostly because he doesn't really like his picture taken, but I had to get a shot of him in action! He loves to work in the big machines (this being one of the smallest one's he's worked in) and Jaxon is his little buddy out on the balcony watching daddy work and screaming cause he's soooo excited to see the machines-probably cause he knows he's going to get to go for a ride! One things for sure Jake is a "Jake of all trades" ;)

So many sparks were flying when Jake was welding...the pictures don't capture how cool it was...don't worry I didn't look into the light! I value my eyesight!

RoCkY rOaD

Jake has been working on our lot for a couple months. We can't believe all the construction debris that has been left, ok buried on this lot! These are just a few photos that I took-Jake has worked really hard and put in a lot of hours all ready and we are only just beginning!! We have a lot of plans, but it probably will take us a LONG time to do it! I'm just happy this part is done, and I'm grateful for all the work my husband has put into it!

A view from the house....

We have stairs!!

Another set of stairs!

A view from the street...I like the stacked walls but we didn't have enough rock to do it-this is called rip-rap...I still can't believe we had this many rocks on our lot!

Jake working hard!