Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Time at the Dentist

My boy is SOOO brave! I think he's even more brave than me ;) I just hoped that he would have inherited Jakes teeth-Jake has good teeth, while mine-well I've had issues lately, with 3 root canals since February and I've been told I have soft teeth...anyway here are some cute pictures of my brave little man!

Brushing the Dino's teeth-this kept him content he's been into dinosaurs lately!

Watching Toy Story! He was getting so excited and started shouting at the TV-he gets excited for anything Toy Story!

He loves this thing! Maybe I should look into getting him a dinosaur that has teeth so he can brush them...maybe then it won't have a fight every night to brush his!

Playing-the dental assistant was tickling him with the dino and he loved every minute of it!

Today was the first time Jaxon has gone to the dentist! He was such a good sport about having x-rays taken and while his teeth were cleaned! EVERYONE was so nice that they almost made me even forget I was at the dentist because the dental assistant played with Jaxon and she was so patient with him! There was a couple times he got frustrated (who can blame him) and she was so cute with him! They have video games, movies, and a playhouse in the waiting area and after he was all done they gave him a balloon and let him pick out any book he wanted-he picked "Ratatouille." Although he was such a good sport, we got the bad news that he has cavities and a tooth that has chipped off! Since he's so young and has breathing problems they will be performing everything at the hospital with a local anesthetic in January. I can't believe I was just going in for a checkup-so if you have never taken your kids to the dentist I suggest you do it earlier rather than later! I'm just so suprised-I never knew that this was ever performed in a hospital! I'm told there are 3 in St. George and they have done thousands! I was also wondering about his "snaggle-tooth" (it's his front tooth that looks like it could have been two teeth that have formed together) and the dentist was not concerned-he said it's quite common, not normal, but common-not the first time we've heard this!

Jaxon's pediatrian told us just last week that when he passes out after falling that it's something thats common but again not normal! Jaxon will sometimes fall and get REALLY REALLY mad and hold his breath until he passes out-very scary for mommy! Just last week he did it again while we were at Walmart. After falling on his forehead in front of the store on the concrete, he passed out and I ran in the store screaming for someone to help me! I was so scared and I just handed Jaxon off to a guy (who was probably thinking "what do you want me to do lady") and he squeezed Jaxon's cheeks and put his finger in his mouth and moved his tongue around and said he thought he choked on his tongue (my pediatrician isn't too sure about that) and then Jaxon finally woke up and started screaming. He has done this a few other times and it's always when he has hurt himself after falling down. He fell asleep for a while after all ready having a nap earlier that day. I get nervous thinking he could have a concussion after hard falls on the concrete! Every time this has happened, he sleeps for hours, which also made me nervous, but the doctor isnt too concerned with iron levels or anything serious, and that he even falls asleep for a while it happens (THANK HEAVEN), and said hopefully this (along with his asthma/breathing issues) will be something he grows out of-we can only hope!


Kaytee Postma said...

Oh my gosh that would be absolutely terrifying about the passing out thing. All Adyn does when she gets really upset is throws up and that makes me mad so I can't even imagine how you feel when he does that. I hope it gets better for you.

bRaCkEnS said...

Ash! That is soo SCARY!!!! I would FREAK out!!!! :( I hope he grows out of it too.. so he can stop giving you hard attacks every time! UGH! Love ya!