Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Rocks!!

Polar Express Day

Today was Polar Express Day at preschool and Jaxon got to wear his PJ's to school! I was so excited-I kinda wish I was invited to go to the Polar Express Day! Tiffany, his teacher set up different stations-the story station of "The Polar Express," the counting station, the craft station, the snack station, the letter station, and the color station! All the kids were super excited when the moms came to pick up their kids-I know it was such a fun day! Jaxon also did the show-and-tell today! He wanted to bring his Buzz and Woody, and he also brought something for the clue bag! He could pick from a list of letters and he chose to bring his Pirate Potato Head! Tiffany gave each of the kids a reindeer chocolate milk, and their finger paint pictures!

He has learned SO much in the amount of time he's been in school he's learned how to spell his name, he can say the alphabet without any help, and he can count-they are learning about the number 12 right now! I'm so happy he loves school! On Monday he had a Christmas program and all the kids sang songs and did a Nativity scene! Jaxon was a wise man! They dressed up like reindeer and Santa even came. They also made a special gift for their mommy's and daddy's of their handprints in mittens! I love that kind of stuff! :)Jaxon keeps telling Santa he wants a big car...then he'll say "well, a medium sized car." So I think we figured out that he wants a remote control car-looks Santa better make sure he's got that it's the only thing I've heard him tell Santa!

I don't know what I'm going to do for a few weeks without school because Jaxon asks me every day if he has school today...I guess we will have to play our own school!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Golfer

If you ask Jaxon if he wants to go fishing, sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't but you never have to ask twice if he wants to go golfing, especially with our friend Matthew! I haven't been golfing since I was pregant with Jaxon-I know me pregant and golfing-I quit before it was hurting too much and then I haven't been since, but maybe one day when Logan is older I can start again! Anyway so Jake got Jaxon his first REAL set of clubs and a few weeks ago we walked to the golf course and putted. I had never seen Jaxon golf or putt but I was impressed! I'm glad Jaxon and Jake can go to something they both like to do together!

Jaxon's Birthday

I never posted about Jaxon's birthday. He had his first friend birthday with 2 of his friends from our ward! Can I just say that these boys are like the 3 Muskateers?! They all get along so well together and I had all things games planned for the party and all they cared about was playing toys and eating cupcakes! If I'd known that I wouldn't have worried about what we were going to do all day for the party!
Hangin' out, I guess what boys do!

Opening presents from his friends! They were so cute when they were giving him their presents! To this day Jaxon plays with the toys they brought every day! So cute I love this age!

The party was a pirate party and I told them to give me their best pirate faces...Micah just smiles! I love it Janson's is pretty cute! Jaxon is pretty good at pulling faces!
Later that night my parents came down to celebrate and we opened presents! He got so many fun things-ok he was spoiled!

Star Wars

Jaxon got a light saber for his birthday and he always tries to get Logan to play with him! Logan is good at holding up the cheap one from the dollar store but obviously he doesn't know how to actually play with it, but Jaxie still tries! Jaxon is so good with Logan. When we are out running errands sometimes a mom who looks like they have kids around the same age as mine will ask me how my older child is with my baby. My first thought is great! I guess I never really thought about it though because Jaxon really is a good big brother! He helps me with him and he knows to play softly but I know he's only 4 and I can't expect him to be perfect all the time, but to me he is! Logan thinks Jaxon is the funniest person ever-all Jaxon has to do is simply talk and Logan has a deep laugh-like the kind that when you laugh so hard it hurts! I can't wait for Logan to get big so Jaxon can have someone to play with!

Thanksgiving Program

Jaxon's school did a Thanksgiving program at Kolob Care Center last week and it was great! The kids were all so cute and SMART! I'm surprised that Jaxon is so outgoing! I don't mind having to speak sometimes but Jaxon likes being the one with all the attention on him. He was good to speak when it was his turn and he even spoke loudly so every one could hear! The kids had made a handprint made into a turkey for all the patients and all the kids passed out a turkey handprint to all the patients. My friend's mom came to the program to watch her grandkid and one of the girls in the class handed her a handprint! She was laughing and said that's the last time she's sitting down! Judy her daughter was laughing so hard-It was pretty funny and the young grandma had a sense of humor about it!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday

Oh I love Grandpa Staheli so much! There's just a special connection that we have, and he is such a sweet man! I'm so grateful he is our grandpa! We went to G&G Staheli's house after we had Thanksgiving at Jake's parents house! Jake has been working up at his parents house and the last time he went to see G&G they said to not come back until I come back with him! So we did! I haven't been up to Enterprise since Jake's sister, MaryLynn had her farewell so it was nice to be able to go to their house and visit with them for a few hours! I'm just mad I didn't get a pic with grandma and Logan. We were going to but then we'd get to talking and forget about it! Jaxon was tired and onry so no pics with him!

I got home just in time to drop off my stuff at home and headed over to Walmart at 10 for Black Friday! It worked out perfect because my friend was coming down from Enterprise and we shopped all day together! I got every thing I wanted to get and the lines werent too bad, but I have to admit I was wondering if I was ready for all the chaos because it was pretty chaotic at Walmart! I was just grabbing things to put in my cart and checking prices as I went! Then we headed to Kohls and Old Navy and then we went to the Boulevard Home Furnishings because my friend wanted a washer which they only had 10!! AHH we hadn't planned on staying in line and luckily her mother-on-law brought blankets for us and I kept asking Jenny if we were really doing this! I couldn't leave my pregnant friend to fend for herself so of course I stayed and we ended up getting the 10th voucher! Talk about lucky-I might have cried if she didn't get it! It was actually pretty fun talking to the people around us and staying warm with hot chocolate! Then we drove out to Hurricane to pick up her washer and went to Kmart and we were spent! I got some pretty awesome deals and I must say I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Overall it was a great day and even though I had no sleep until noon Friday it was worth it and I must say it's an adrenaline rush!

Chicken or Turkey

My friend up the street did these cute turkey's for her daughters class and she brought a few she had left for Jaxon to do! He loved doing it and I was kind of surprised that he sat down and finished each he called them!
Jaxon was done with me taking pictures, but I couldn't resist!

He was really concentrating and working hard to finish his turkey. We have 3 of them and he has taken a few eyes of and feathers, and then he will re-do them! I just might save these for next year, because I think they turned out very cute! My neighbors are so sweet to always think of Jaxon!

Christmas Concert

Last night we went to the first concert for the Christmas Season at the tabernacle! I love going to the concerts there but for some reason we didn't go a lot last year! I was nervous taking a 7 month old because he can be loud sometimes ;) What baby isn't? He did pretty well, but I'm sure the people sitting behind us were annoyed but I want my kids to experience the concerts there, and going to the visitors center and enjoy (hopefully one day) the performing arts! More than half the group singing last night were our ward members! I had no idea that some of the people singing last night could talent I wish I had, but that doesn't stop me from singing in the car! It was so good and it has put us in the Christmas mood! Tonight we went to Bloomington to the Christmas lighting of the giant Christmas tree by Walmart! Santa came on a giant crane and handed out candy canes with M&M's inside! Jaxon got to see a few of his friends and watch some of them sing in a Christmas program! It was so fun I can't believe I never knew about it before!

My Grandma Hofler took all 7 of her grandkids to plays and every year we would go to "The Nutcracker." I LOVED that tradition and luckily Jake will go with me and he even enjoys it too! Jaxon really gets into it too-last night he was dancing and leading the music and having a great time! He is really good at hearing the beat to a song and picks it right up every time a new song starts! Jake and I hope he will have some kind of musical talent!

Afterwards we went Iceberg...Jaxon's favorite "corn dog and ice cream" place and I guess it was a great idea because all the people who sang at the concert came there for ice cream too! Our friends came to our table to say hi and I was in tears because Logan had just choked on a french fry and I had to dig down in his throat with my finger and got a HUGE chunk of french fries! Oh my heck I was so emotional but at the time when he was leaning back in his car seat the first reaction was to get him out he was gasping for air and trying to cough. It-was-scary. Every day I get to be a mom I'm amazed that things don't necessarily shock me until after it's over and then I'M SO EMOTIONAL and wonder how I reacted so quickly! So from now on it's only baby food, rice cereal, or milk. I'm so grateful for my kids and for getting to be with them every day.

Our neighbors brought a Christmas countdown calendar to Jaxon today. He has all ready opened a few of the days-what do ya expect from a 4 year old who loves chocolate and I wasn't going to worry about it if he wanted a few of them! I told him a few times that if he eats something for lunch, dinner then he could have a couple chocolates! I always loved those calendars!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like...

Jake took Jaxon to Enterprise today and I stayed with Logan. So what did we do today? Well put up the Christmas tree of course! Yes one of the Christmas trees is up and decorated! There's been times in the past that I have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all up at the same time! Hey I'm just trying to make the most of my holidays! ;) I turned the lights on the one tree I have decorated but I closed my blinds because I know a few of my neighbors will give me a hard time about having Christmas up before Thanksgiving! Although Logan likes to watch the lights on the tree-he sat in the bouncy chair tonight and played and watched the tree and then went back to playing! This went on for almost an hour! Looks like he likes Christmas decorating as much as I do! It's the first time he's even seen a Christmas tree, and I just wonder what he thinks when he's looking at it because he just looks surprised every time he looks up at the tree! We have a busy weekend but it's nice to have Jake home more than just Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday! He's been working out of town during the week since August and it's been so nice getting to see him every night...but he said he refuses to help me decorate the trees until after Thanksgiving, but I just can't wait! I love Christmas!

Ugg! My Stuff is Messed Up

Somehow I changed the layout of my blog...yes I remember how I did it but I was just trying messing around and now it's not how I wanted it AT ALL! The background is wrong, and the picture on the top bothers me, and the font is wrong too! I thought I was so cool learning something new but instead I messed it up and I don't know how to fix it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Life as a Smuggler

I found this article on "Mormon Mommy Blogs" entitled "My Life as a Smuggler." I just thought it was hilarious...maybe because my mom and I would probably do the same thing! When we were at Swiss Days this last September we brought our own Diet Coke to drink, and a few people actually asked my mom where we got them because they wanted to buy some! Anyway I know that there's a lot of people who might get a kick out of this story about a lady who went to a conference at BYU, knowing Diet Coke wouldn't be available on campus-I just got a kick out of it because I think I could relate, so I had to share!

I went to BYU for a conference a while back and I knew that I wouldn't be able to get a Diet Coke on Campus. I knew this from past experiences of being Diet Coke-less. Or, more directly, Caffeine infused Diet Coke-less. The other stuff is just brown flavored water. Why even bother?

My pal DeNae and I stocked up on our crack at the local gas station along with some chocolate so that we could summon our mojo from those stingy creative gods.

I was wandering around lost, apparently flaunting my naughty Diet Coke, when I stumbled up to the information desk at BYU to have the cute girl help this sad lost soul. A woman came up behind me and pointed at my glorious juice of the gods and then looked at the person behind the desk as if to say "Are you KIDDING me?"

She said "Where... where.... WHERE can you get this on CAMPUS?"

I smiled my all knowing smile, and said that you couldn't get this sweet goodness on campus, but that I had actually stocked up before I arrived.

She huffed: "Well. You know, Caffeine isn't allowed... Or is it?" And gave a knowing, nodding glance to the students.

I laughed, and said "Oh I know they don't sell caffeine on campus. I "smuggled" it onto campus. I bring it every year for the Women's Conference so that I can survive.

She snorted at me.

Oh yes she did.

She totally snorted at me.

She looked at the students and said "Can she have this here? It has caffeine in it."

They said that they weren't "affiliated" with caffeine, so they couldn't respond to that question.


You're not "affiliated" with caffeine?

When he calls, do just hang up on him? Do you slam the door in his face when he rings the bell?

What do you mean you're not "affiliated" with caffeine?

"WELL", the crazy-lady said "It's against the rules here. I know that smoking is not allowed on campus, so I'm not going to light up. I go to my car to drink my caffeine Diet Coke. You need to put that away."

And then she took my Diet Coke and put it inside my coat pocket.

Yes. She did.

She totally TOUCHED my Diet Coke. And. AND! She put it underneath my coat, as if to hide my sins.

I promptly took my Diet Coke back and placed it on the counter while saying: "I don't hide my sins under a bushel, I flaunt them for all the world to see."

She didn't think that was very funny, so being the consummate performer that I am, I put that Diet Coke right back underneath my jacket and then turned very slowly towards her and while opening my jacket (to expose my Diet Coke) I said in a deep gravely voice: "Hey little girl, wanna buy a Diet Coke?"


Monday, November 7, 2011

No Bananas

I took the kids to the pediatrician this morning, and Logan is of course still in the 95 percentile for his height and weight. I wasn't too shocked because Jaxon was always that way UNTIL TODAY! Jaxon is now in the 75th percentile for his height and weight...yes he's still a big kid but finally at 4 years old he's not in the 99th (well for right now anyway)! He didn't have to do any shots because he was caught up on them, until he goes to kindergarten. I could do the shots between now and when he starts kindergarten so I decided to wait-he was soooo worried about getting shots today-and so we just did the flu mist in his nose-he was a lot more calm about that! Dr Karl is so cute with Jaxon-he kept asking Jaxon to if he could see if there were any bananas in his ears and tummy, and Jaxon thought that was hilarious!He kept telling me on the way their he just wanted to go to my doctor (meaning the baby doctor from when I was pregnant with Logan) because he says its fun there! Ya fun for him because every time we would go to Dr. Thompson's office he would always get a sticker and a sucker-for no pain ;)

Logan on the other hand had to have shots-I of course was more worried about it because he didn't know what was coming to him! So when they gave him the first 2 shots he just stared with a panic look on his face and then it came SCREAMS!! When this baby is mad he definately lets everyone know about it! After the last 2 were done he got crayon bandaids and then I picked him up to snuggle and comfort him and he was still mad...and then he looked at the lady who gave him the shots and he smiled so big-and he's been fine ever since! Thank goodness! Logan had some tylenol and he's now as happy as can be! When my kids get their shots it doesn't affect them too much, thankfully! Now he's back to Mr. Smiley!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Painting Pumpkins

Last weekend we painted pumpkins! Jake and I helped Jaxon with his pumpkin and then I had fun doing it I went a bought another pumpkin for myself to paint! Both the boys fell asleep early Saturday night so I worked on my pumpkin! I've never actually carved a pumpkin-I know I know, but painting is just as fun and it's alot less mess!

Here is's Tink!

Scary Skeletons

Jaxon and Logan are skeletons this year for Halloween! Last night we had a ward primary costume party and they both wore their costumes! They had so much fun I had to get a picture of them together before Halloween is over! Jaxon has gotten good use out of his costume! They are pajamas and he wore them to enrichment night and he'll probably wear it tomorrow at school for the costume party! The best part is that on Halloween we can just come home and he can go right to sleep in his jammies ;) We experimented with some face paint today for the costume party tomorrow and let me just say I am no artist, but Jaxon loved having it done so of course it was worth trying!

Jaxon wanted Logan to look at me, so he thought he needed a little help! My mom got their costumes and they even glow in the dark!

Look Who's Sitting Up!

Logan is 6 months all ready and I can't believe it! In the last few days he has started to scoot! He doesn't scoot like Jaxon did though (Jaxon would scoot around on his bum, causing major holes in many outfits)! Logan scoots on his back-it's so crazy to me! I was talking to my mom earlier and I was telling her about how he started scooting around on the floor and we both couldn't believe it! Jaxon also never crawled-he went from scooting to walking so it will be interesting to see if the scooting on the back thing is here to stay for Mr. Logan! I think that the querky things like that make me love my kids even more!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Green Fairy Quilts 2011CharityVideo

These are some friends of ours who own "Green Fairy Quilts" which is based in St. George. Every year they go to Romania to hand out quilts, school supplies, and food by people who have donated. 100% of the donations go to the people of Romania.Clint and Judi pay their transportation, lodging etc. I just think that's so incredible! Watching this makes me want to do something to make a difference in someone's life. They are so lucky to see the impact they have made on the people who receive their donations. I guess I just want to help them in hopes that even if 1 person sees this and wants to donate-they will! They go every year to hand out donated items, and it makes you realize just how lucky are to live in America! Why would anyone want to leave it, right? The blog for "Green Fairy Quilts" is oh to be as talented as she is!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of Preschool!

Today was the first day of preschool for Jaxon! Jaxon was so excited this morning and kept asking me a million questions like who was going to be at school, if he was going to ride the bus, and he realized I was driving him he wanted to make sure I was dropping him off and NOT staying (and if I was going to be home)! I'm so excited for him too! I'm excited for him to be with other kids and to learn. His preschool teacher has some amazing ideas and he's excited for field trips and being with his friends. He really just loves learning and he's been ready to go to school for a long time! I'm wondering if I'll get used to having a few hours without him, because he is my best friend! I wonder if all parents are lucky enough to feel that way.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roy Pool

We got to go to the Roy Pool with my sister and her kids and my cousin Jessica and her kids! Amber, Jessica, and I were always really close growing up and now it's fun that our kids are all around the same age too! Even though we live farther away from each other now, we still try to get together and hang out when we go up north! The kids all had so much fun together! We got a great spot right by edge of the pool! The kids loved the splash pad and frog slide, and the moms enjoyed sitting at in the water and getting some sun! It's nice to be out in the sun and not feel like you live in a sauna (like St. George)! I feel like we did more things this past two weeks than we have all summer!
Livin' the good life poolside :)

Sorry this is sideways-I gave up on trying to make it right :)

Jaxon and Chase

Chase, Brody, Jaxon, and Brooklyn

Fun at Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake for the day and enjoyed the beach! My mom and sister and I went with the kids along with my sister's husband and his family. The kids had a lot of fun building sand castles and playing in the water! I havent been to Bear Lake for years it was fun to go and relax and not be too hot! Raspberry Days was just starting and we also got to enjoy a raspberry shake-because you can't go to Bear Lake w/o having a raspberry shake! I love driving through Logan and Brigham too! We saw the Brigham temple, which reminds me alot of the Salt Lake temple, and we also saw the house where my Grandpa Hofler grew up!

Building sand castles!

South Weber Days!

South Weber is just below my parents neighborhood and while we were up north South Weber Days was going on and we went to the fun parade and got a lot of candy and some pool toys! The kids had fun playing on the bounce houses, eating snow cones, playing at the park, and seeing papa's car in the car show!
Jaxon and Brooklyn riding the train!

Everyone at the parade

Brooklyn and Jaxon doing the chicken dance

Logan, sleeping of course.

Brylie enjoying the parade-I just love her she's so dang cute!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camping Fun!

This last weekend we had the Staheli family reunion, so we decided to go camping in Pine Valley since it's pretty close to the ranch! Our friends Angelina and Jarred were camping next to us and we all had a good time! Our boys are the same age so they had a lot of fun together! I love Pine Valley! It's so pretty and Jake can go fishing at the lake and catch fish for us for our lunch and dinner! It was fun for all of us! It was the first time we went camping as a family, and Jake cooked the entire time so why wouldn't I love it?!