Saturday, November 20, 2010

We Love to Party!

A few weeks ago we went up north to celebrate Jaxon's birthday and go to two baby blessings! It was the perfect getting to go to my neice's baby blessing and to see my cousins baby boy be blessed. It actually worked out perfect because both blessing were at different times so we were able to make it to both and see my cousins baby for the first time! It's funny how you forget how little babies are when they are first born! It was fun getting to spend time with family and having a fun birthday party for Jaxon with my family! He got a ton of fun presents from my sisters and money to put in his bank from my parents! Lately he loves to get money and put it in the bank...I hope that means he will be good about saving as he gets older!! Thank you to my family for all the fun presents...we've all ready watched "Stitch" (as Jaxon calls it) and the Letter Factory movies many times and he loves taking pictures with his camera! He is excited to make snow cones with Sponge Bob-who he is obsessed with! Every night he picks out his pajamas and 99.9% of the time he picks SpongeBob PJ's and SpongeBob underwear and carries a Spongebob....and of course watches SpongeBob! He also got a helmet to wear when he rides his scooter and bike! He was definately spoiled this year, but I think he's completely worth it!

Dinosaur Park!

When we were up north for Brylie's baby blessing we celebrated Jaxon's birthday with my family! My sister Amber and my neice Brooklyn treated us to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden! Ever since our family went to a Dinosaur museum in Vernal, Jaxon loves to see the dinosaurs! They had so much fun running around and imitating the dinosaurs!

We had to feed the ducks too...even though we live right by a duck pond, they wanted to feed the ducks there too! We also went digging for fossils-which was really more brushing off fossils with a paintbrush! We saw a lot of rocks, and other animals in the prehistoric age inside the museum, but the kids had the most fun at the park outside!

I thought this was a great imitation!

They are really trying hard to scare us!

Thank you Amber and Brooklyn for taking us!! Jaxon still is talking about the Dinosaur Park and it's been 3 weeks!!

Helping Papa...maybe

Brooklyn and Jaxon "helping" Papa Keith with the leaves! My parents yard has a lot of trees and every year there are a TON of leaves...I'm not sure how much they helped but I checked on them a few times and they were actually picking up armfuls and putting them in the trash bag! And then I saw them running through the leaves a few times!

Baby Brylie stayed nice and warm inside!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Presents for Jaxon

Opening presents! The funnest part of having a birthday!!

The car Jake built

Jaxon and his car

Today is Jaxon's birthday and I can't believe I have a 3 year old! Even though we had a party for him last night we decided to save a present for him and let him open it on his birthday! He and daddy spent the morning deciding what they were going to make and decided on making a motorized car! He has been playing with it all morning and luckily Jake could build it before he went to work (because I have no skills in building things, especially with all the parts)! The age Jaxon is right now has probably been my favorite! He has such a great sense of humor and pulls the silliest faces and says the funniest things! He is still in love with books and every time we go to Costco he chooses to look at the books first and then toys! He's becoming more independent and more stubborn but we can't help but laugh because he's just so cute! We love our little boy! Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Birthday Party for Jaxon

The Big 3!!

His birthday cake! We bought a few trucks to put on top of the cake and Jaxon even helped us decorate it with Tootsie Rolls!

We had a birthday party for Jaxon last night with Jake's family and had a lot of fun playing games, watching Toy Story 3 a few times and Stuart Little! He loved having his cousins come play-and it's always so funny to watch Jaxon around all the boys because he gets SO excited, and poor Wyatt kept getting jumped on by Jaxon. We babysat the kids for a few hours and Gale was so upset because he missed his mommy! He stood by the door and cried for a while but then he eventually had fun running around, playing with the kids!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year all three of us dressed up for Halloween! Jaxon and I went to one of the local high schools and had fun at a Trunk-or-Treat! He had so much fun going through the halls and getting candy from the students and teachers! I heard on the radio about a local dealership having a little party for kids so we went there and got a free pumpkin and Jaxon had his picture taken with a SPOOKY background...I love his picture!

These were some pictures one of our friends took and I just took a picture of them...sorry for the glare! My camera is actually working!!

He was the cutest dragon ever! All week he had been telling Jake and I that he wanted to be a hippo-and I had no idea where he got that idea, but then after watching "How to Train a Dragon" he was more than excited to dress up in the dragon costume! He was the cutest dragon and played the part well, by saying "RAWR" to alot of people handing out candy! Jake dressed up as a bank robber and I dressed up as Minnie Mouse! I had the perfect red and white polka-dot shirt to wear and Jake made me some mouse ears that were perfect! We had so much fun going around our neighborhood and seeing many of our friends who were also dressed up! We also went to the mall for a Trunk or Treat and so after Saturday night Jaxon had a ton of candy! One of our friends, an older gentleman in our ward was taking pictures of everyone who came to his I'm going to have to see if he will give me a copy of it because my camera is broken and the one year I actually got Jake to dress up with us we werent able to take any pictures! We had such a fun Halloween, and had Navajo Tacos for dinner, and came home after trick or treating and relaxed! Now it's times to get out all my Thanksgiving...and getting more and more excited for the holidays! We are looking forward for Jaxon's birthday this week and going up north this weekend for my neices baby blessing! I'm so excited to see my family!! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!