Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cuddly Little Guy

Jaxon loves his bean bag! He also loves cell phones, so we tried giving him a couple of our old ones to play with, but he is just toooo smart and wants our cell phones that have service! He's called his Grandma and daddy lots in the last couple days!

Last night was a first for finding the toilet paper! I heard Jaxon laughing in the bathroom, and as I looked down I saw the entire roll of toilet paper unravelled on the ground, and Jaxon was grabbing it and throwing it in the air! He thought it was the funniest thing....I love the evil look he has on his face!

Jaxon loves to play peek-a-boo! Last night he would pull his blanket between the slats on his crib and bite it and then put the blanket over his head and then see if I was watching him! He would laugh and scream a little bit! I love when he screams/squeals because I know that he is definately happy! He loves to lay on the ground with his mommy and daddy and wrestle on the floor-he thinks he's tougher than us, but it's those times that make me laugh the most because we are all having fun and cracking up that Jaxon is soooo funny!

Jaxon also loves books, and he is always reading a book out loud to himself! He loves watching the Disney Channel-especially MICKEY'S CLUBHOUSE! He loves music and no matter where we are, whether it's at home watching tv, or the car listening to the radio, or church trying to sing along with the songs, he dances away...he especially loves rap and hip hop music! Lately he points to everything that he wants, and loves to tap his hand on the tv, and he loves to stand up! He really likes spicy food and chocolate-he must be my child! He also has the funniest scoot! He has never crawled, but he loves to scoot around-it's no wonder he is so strong because he lifts himself up while scooting around-he has the cutest little muscles! He is such a flirt too, especially with little girls!!

P.S. Don't worry I wiped the books off with Clorox wipes!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cute Girls

I'm so excited to have two cute little girls over!!! We had lots of fun this week playing with toys, watching movies, and even taking a trip in the rain to Costco!
Watchin' a movie! We watched three movies in one day...that may be a record for me!

What a cutie!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jaxon is Standing!!!

Jaxon loves to stand!!! He just started pulling himself up on and lean on the furniture, and has even stood a few times by himself!! His favorite things are to open the cupboards and often times take everything out of them! He also loves to stand at my jewelry box and open the drawers and throw everything on the floor. He also loves to pull himself up to Jake's nightstand and take out whatever he can grab before I get him!! Did I mention that I also clean his room a lot?! He pulls all his books off his shelf, and will often times bring me a book he wants me to read-lately it's been Ratatouille! He also loves to pull the blanket off the chair and snuggle with it! This is a pic of him standing at the stairs-I was vacuuming the stairs today-and he thought that was hilarious, but it was even funnier that he was up higher than me!! He thinks he's such a big boy, and he's always so proud of himself!

We've Now Discovered the Cupboards!

Jaxon found the cupboard where we keep our goodies!! It was VERY quiet, so I could tell he was probably doing something naughty, and found him with the cupboard door open and a giant chocolate candy shoved in his mouth! He is a choc-a-holic baby with a chocolate face! I had to put him in the bath again because there was chocolate all over his clothes, hands, tummy and diaper!



Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

This year I have some "traditional" and some "not-so traditional" resolutions!

1. I want to be more outgoing....I'm pretty shy when I'm in groups of people, and having playgroup with our neighborhood has really helped to get to know the moms! We haven't had it for a couple weeks but I hope that we can continue to do it-especially when it gets really warm again!!

2. I want to keep walking, but I also want to do more resistance training! I used to lift weights a little bit, but I never wanted to get bulky or anything-so I guess I'm saying I just want to get more toned!

3. I want to do more activities with Jake and Jaxon! We hang out a lot and watch movies, go to dinner etc. but before we know it we will be having more kids, and once you are in the habit of even just once a week going for a hike, or playing games together it will be so easy!!

4. I want to enjoy being a mom! I all ready do, but Jaxon is all ready 14 mo. time flies! I don't want to regret not spending enough time with him-so I want to play more, go to the park more, and go see the ducks at the golf course more!!

5. To be more organized! I'm a pile person, and so I want to be better at organizing coupons, clothes, scrapbook items etc. before it goes to the pile!

I know that I could list a lot more, but for now these are the ones I'm going to work on!! I hope that you all have a great and happy New Year!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Little Puppy Dog!

This was Jaxon yesterday after he got out of the tub! He got a couple new towels for Christmas from his Grandma Jules and Grandpa Keith! One is a froggy, but the puppy dog ears are toooooo cute when it's on Jaxon's head!

Sleepin Like a Baby....

Lately Jaxon scoots everywhere, until he is tooooo tired to scoot anymore, and just falls asleep where ever he may be! This is right by the computer desk! He reached for the blanket that was on the computer chair and cuddled up and fell right to sleep! So grateful to have a good sleeper!