Monday, December 13, 2010

Live Nativity

It really was this cold, especially because we sat on the back row and there was a cold breeze blowing on us! Love my hair in my face LOL!

This weekend I went to the live Nativity at Tuacahn with friends Jenny and Tasha! We had so much fun seeing Santa, having hot cocoa, and watching the live nativity. I was so excited to take Jaxon but he fell asleep so he stayed home with dad, but I definately want to take my boys to see it! I always have so much fun when I'm with these two! It was the first time I got to meet Tasha's baby, Rydge and he is soooo handsome! I forget how small babies can be when they are newborns. I wanted to hold Kodi, Jenny's baby but she was not having it-she is so cute I just wanted to take her home with me, and Kash wasnt sure what to think about me ;) we just need to get together more often and maybe the kids won't be so shy with me! I'm so glad I got the chance to go-it was the first year I've ever gone and the show was great!

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bRaCkEnS said...

First of all.. I LOVE the song that popped up when I came to your page. Nsync rocks! haha!!! Second, I had so much fun with you and Jen!! We seriously need more get togethers! Love ya!!! Oh.. and I blogged about our outing to. ha ha ha!