Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Concert

Last night we went to the first concert for the Christmas Season at the tabernacle! I love going to the concerts there but for some reason we didn't go a lot last year! I was nervous taking a 7 month old because he can be loud sometimes ;) What baby isn't? He did pretty well, but I'm sure the people sitting behind us were annoyed but I want my kids to experience the concerts there, and going to the visitors center and enjoy (hopefully one day) the performing arts! More than half the group singing last night were our ward members! I had no idea that some of the people singing last night could talent I wish I had, but that doesn't stop me from singing in the car! It was so good and it has put us in the Christmas mood! Tonight we went to Bloomington to the Christmas lighting of the giant Christmas tree by Walmart! Santa came on a giant crane and handed out candy canes with M&M's inside! Jaxon got to see a few of his friends and watch some of them sing in a Christmas program! It was so fun I can't believe I never knew about it before!

My Grandma Hofler took all 7 of her grandkids to plays and every year we would go to "The Nutcracker." I LOVED that tradition and luckily Jake will go with me and he even enjoys it too! Jaxon really gets into it too-last night he was dancing and leading the music and having a great time! He is really good at hearing the beat to a song and picks it right up every time a new song starts! Jake and I hope he will have some kind of musical talent!

Afterwards we went Iceberg...Jaxon's favorite "corn dog and ice cream" place and I guess it was a great idea because all the people who sang at the concert came there for ice cream too! Our friends came to our table to say hi and I was in tears because Logan had just choked on a french fry and I had to dig down in his throat with my finger and got a HUGE chunk of french fries! Oh my heck I was so emotional but at the time when he was leaning back in his car seat the first reaction was to get him out he was gasping for air and trying to cough. It-was-scary. Every day I get to be a mom I'm amazed that things don't necessarily shock me until after it's over and then I'M SO EMOTIONAL and wonder how I reacted so quickly! So from now on it's only baby food, rice cereal, or milk. I'm so grateful for my kids and for getting to be with them every day.

Our neighbors brought a Christmas countdown calendar to Jaxon today. He has all ready opened a few of the days-what do ya expect from a 4 year old who loves chocolate and I wasn't going to worry about it if he wanted a few of them! I told him a few times that if he eats something for lunch, dinner then he could have a couple chocolates! I always loved those calendars!

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