Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roy Pool

We got to go to the Roy Pool with my sister and her kids and my cousin Jessica and her kids! Amber, Jessica, and I were always really close growing up and now it's fun that our kids are all around the same age too! Even though we live farther away from each other now, we still try to get together and hang out when we go up north! The kids all had so much fun together! We got a great spot right by edge of the pool! The kids loved the splash pad and frog slide, and the moms enjoyed sitting at in the water and getting some sun! It's nice to be out in the sun and not feel like you live in a sauna (like St. George)! I feel like we did more things this past two weeks than we have all summer!
Livin' the good life poolside :)

Sorry this is sideways-I gave up on trying to make it right :)

Jaxon and Chase

Chase, Brody, Jaxon, and Brooklyn


bRaCkEnS said...

Looks fun!!! Next week we should all go swimming!!! LETS DO IT!!! haha.. Um, question how do you have music playing.. I Love it and want my page to do that :)!! Love ya Ash!

Anonymous said...

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