Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving, Black Friday

Oh I love Grandpa Staheli so much! There's just a special connection that we have, and he is such a sweet man! I'm so grateful he is our grandpa! We went to G&G Staheli's house after we had Thanksgiving at Jake's parents house! Jake has been working up at his parents house and the last time he went to see G&G they said to not come back until I come back with him! So we did! I haven't been up to Enterprise since Jake's sister, MaryLynn had her farewell so it was nice to be able to go to their house and visit with them for a few hours! I'm just mad I didn't get a pic with grandma and Logan. We were going to but then we'd get to talking and forget about it! Jaxon was tired and onry so no pics with him!

I got home just in time to drop off my stuff at home and headed over to Walmart at 10 for Black Friday! It worked out perfect because my friend was coming down from Enterprise and we shopped all day together! I got every thing I wanted to get and the lines werent too bad, but I have to admit I was wondering if I was ready for all the chaos because it was pretty chaotic at Walmart! I was just grabbing things to put in my cart and checking prices as I went! Then we headed to Kohls and Old Navy and then we went to the Boulevard Home Furnishings because my friend wanted a washer which they only had 10!! AHH we hadn't planned on staying in line and luckily her mother-on-law brought blankets for us and I kept asking Jenny if we were really doing this! I couldn't leave my pregnant friend to fend for herself so of course I stayed and we ended up getting the 10th voucher! Talk about lucky-I might have cried if she didn't get it! It was actually pretty fun talking to the people around us and staying warm with hot chocolate! Then we drove out to Hurricane to pick up her washer and went to Kmart and we were spent! I got some pretty awesome deals and I must say I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Overall it was a great day and even though I had no sleep until noon Friday it was worth it and I must say it's an adrenaline rush!

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jenn said...

Ha Ha I love this post. Don't worry this pregnant friend of yours appreciates not having to be alone for 5 hours in the dark and cold. turned out to be pretty fun. Remember 2 yrs ;)