Saturday, March 26, 2011

A few more weeks and counting!

So we are READY! Ready for this little guy to come be with us! I have been cleaning everything in sight and I have taken 4 loads just this week to the DI, which is quite an accomplishment for me because I have the hardest time getting rid of things! My sister really helped me get started when she and my mom were here last week and ever since then I have been getting rid of clothes I havent worn since WAY before I was married and decor that I've had so long that it was time to get rid of, because like my sister says "this place is no longer a bachelor pad!" I just wish I had her sense of design ;) Slowly I'll start to redecorate but as you can tell, I just need a little help!

Just a few insights I have realized:

-The only time I have ever really cooked in our marriage has been when I've been pregnant! When I say that, I mean more than just grilled cheese and tomato soup!

-I forgot how absent minded I can really be. This time I feel more of an airhead than I was with Jaxon, so maybe the more kids you have the worse it gets? If so, I'm in TROUBLE!

-This one's no surprise, but not all pregnancies are alike! We are having another boy but this time I have had a lot of issues from my teeth, feeling nausiated to bladder infections, my nose is stuffy a lot but without the cold, and my back hurts. The only thing that helps is taking a bath sometimes but Jaxon always ends up throwing all his toys in the water! With Jaxon, I never experienced anything but at the end having toxemia and being delivered 3 weeks early, man I sure took that for granted!

-How much I would forget to do or have done if it wasn't for my family! Just last night my mom was reminding me to get clothes together for Jaxon in case we go in early! Which got me thinking about the restrictions at the hospital for children not being able to come into the rooms or anything, and if there's still restrictions I worry about what we will do with Jaxon, and if I'm away from him too long I'm going to miss him! Crossing my fingers he will be able to stay with me till my family comes if I go in early!

-Last but not least, how I really try to not drink anything after a certain time of night because two nights ago I got up 4 times in the middle of the night because I know I drank too much, but thank heaven for that delicious cranberry-raspberry juice that has helped me with bladder infections! They are not fun and I've had more than I can count since October. I feel bad for a friend of mine who has them all the time!

These are a few things I can't live without, especially since I'm toward the end of my pregnancy these are just a few simple things that I've enjoyed!

You're probably wondering what the heck this is! I call it my roller ball thingy! My neighbor gave it to my when I was training for the marathon to help stretch my calf muscles because I was getting shin splints and she uses it to do all kinds of stretching! I have LOVED this for my back-if you lay and roll on it and try to relax, it pops your back-heaven sent for a pregnant lady!

cocoa butter moisturizing lotion! This is my favorite lotion and it smells good, but not over-powering. I don't know if there's any miracle cream for stretch marks, but I have loved using this lotion through-out my entire pregnancy.

Ahh warm fuzzy socks! I have a million pairs of these in all sorts of colors! It's nice to have something soft on your feet!

Foot Works Lotion/Cracked heel cream! I've been trying to use this more lately because I don't want to have gross cracked feet when I'm in labor/delivery (I know no one will probably even notice!)


Kaytee Postma said...

Oh I hear ya with the sore back. I hurt all over toward the end. I just wanted to be done already! I'm still waiting for a side profile pix though! I wanna see your cute belly!

bRaCkEnS said...

HAHA!! You are so cute!!! I am still an air head sometimes! Brent gets a little irritated, and the lotion thing, LOVE it!!! I am glad things are going good for ya, maybe you should come clean out my house since your going going and going!!! I cant wait to meet your new little man!!! AH!!! Love ya girly.. and I to wanna see that cute belly!

Kalli said...

I'm SO excited for you!!!! :) And I'm not going to lie I have come to the conclusion that every time you are pregnant they take a little piece of your memory/brain because I am more forgetful now than I was before kids... and more forgetful now than I was after I had Addi! :) So don't worry it's not just you! I miss you & hope you're doing good I better be at the top of the list of people to know when you have that baby!