Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Lately I love to look at blogs, especially craft blogs ideas for teaching-basically I look at blogs every day because I love getting good deals on couponing sites and that's where I hear about great deals! I love looking at loved ones blogs because frankly I love to see what people are doing with their lives and I love to see when someone has created something and shared with the world because a lot of us need to find inspiration from somewhere! But I have one question...where is everyone these days? I think Facebook has a lot to do with it! Maybe people don't like to blog as much as I do either but I also think of blogging as a kind of journal that we are documenting. If I ever wanted make a blog book or create my own book from my blog in the future I will be so glad that I had something to create a book with! I love to scrapbook, but sometimes organizing all the pictures and getting everything out to make a big mess just doesn't appeal to me as much because I know I will only get one page done and still have a gigantic mess to clean up! Anyway I hope one day the Facebook trend will also fade and people will come back to blogging...ok I'll get off my soapbox now! It's time to go enjoy this beautiful 60+ degree weather we are having! I planted some flowers yesterday:

I hope this brings a little happiness to those who are tired of the cold weather!


jenn said...

I worked on my flowers today too! You need to call me

Kaytee Postma said...

How funny! I JUST posted about the exact same thing on my blog!!!! I hate that no one posts anymore. You and I are on the same wavelength for sure. I also get so bummed that no one comments on my blog either. Thanks for being a dedicated blogger too cause at least I know I can look at your blog and see something new once in a while. :)

Nani Lii S. Furse said...

I've been posting more on my blog this year. If you are interested, you can read my ramblings at When our daughter comes home from college in just one more week (yeah!) I plan to start a private family blog and I will be sure to invite you. I enjoy reading your blog and those of friends and family too!

bRaCkEnS said...

I LOVE you!!! I am SOOO SPring Fever its horrible Cant wait to do my flowers!!!! ANYWAY, I agree, I love blogging!! Its sorta like a journal for myself.. and I totaly love the printing it off and scrapbooking it!!!