Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What do I do all day?!

I have so many things I want to be doing right now but it seems like I don't get a lot done that I want to do unless if Jake's home! Logan is into EVERYTHING! Yesterday he dumped crackers all over in the pantry and thoroughly enjoyed every last bit of it...until I cleaned it up but really, I'm not kidding that he's busy...every day he has what I call "makin' his rounds!" He knocks off everything on the coffee tables and end tables and then he goes to the entertainment center and clears off the pictures and decorations and then he goes to the pantry and grabs various items and throws them on the ground without even looking at where they are landing! The other day I was trying to get him away from all my beads and fabric that I had left out because I was trying to work on them every day and while I was trying to clean up and put my bead tray on the top of the couch to keep them high so he couldn't get to it, and what happens? Well I made the biggest mess when I went to sit down and beads were all over in the seat cushions and somehow managed to land down the back of my shirt...Jaxon thought that was hilarous because some of the beads are chunky and COLD going down my back! I thought oh my heck why am I the one making the mess?! Day in the life at our house :) Needless to say that Logan wears me out especially since Jake works at least until 7, but I love my little squish squish anyway!! The other day a lady asked me if he was 6 months old!! WHAT?! Say that again...ya she asked if he was like what 6 months or so...ya sure ;) try 10 months, but I took it with confidence because that has never happened before! Most people think my babies are way older than they really are because they are just big babies!! And now Jax is just skin and bone...wish I could say the same for myself!LOL Gotta go..Logan is grunting and growling at me..HILARIOUS, I've never heard a baby who grunts and growls so much!

My bows that Logan miraculously opened and had to explore! Nothing is EVER child proof!

Spongebob..Jaxon wanted his picture with my fabric too ;)

Jax and SpongeBOB!!

Logan playing with my fabric


Kaytee Postma said...

LOL I was wondering where you've been lately with your blogging. I've been missing hearing about your busy boys. Sounds like you have your hands full. I wish I was there to bring my crazy girls to play with those boys. Then we could do some crafting and everyone would be happy!!! :)

Kalli said...

I LOVED this post Logan & Kambri should play together sometime sounds like they are identical! :) We'll have to plan a play date soon I miss you all!