Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sleeps his daddy! AND Jack Frost...

Logan fell asleep yesterday and today in his high chair! He was fussy and I was getting ready to give him some homemade mac and cheese (my fav) and as soon as I finished making it he was asleep! Should I be offended that Jaxon won't eat my mac and cheese (he loves mac and cheese) and besides a few bites here and there all he has wanted is hot chocolate?

It snowed a little today and he had to go out in his coat and pjs and see the snow...and he wanted to make a snowman and have hot chocolate, and of course sing the song "Hot Chocolate" from "Polar Express!"

Jaxon says his name will be Frosty, and he needs a button for his nose, and eyes of coal and we gotta have a we used TINY rocks for eyes and made about a 2 inch snowman! He melted by 11!

Jax and his CTR ring..don't mind the pirate sword!
Jaxon also sings "I Am A Child of God" by saying "lead me, beside me, lead me, beside me" (that's pretty much the whole song that he sings) I love it! ;) At the primary program a few months ago all the kids told their favorite scripture story; Jaxon's was "Noah and the Whale" and I thought it was PERFECT! After he said his favorite story all the kids left in his class said the same thing...Noah-and the Whale! So many people were cracking up because we all knew it was wrong but it was too cute!


Kaytee Postma said...

I was gunna say "Noah" and the "whale" are two different stories but then I read the rest and thought ok apparently only he didn't know that. So cute though! Isn't it funny how kids have it a certain way in their head. Makes sense to them . . . and only them :0P

Cheryl said...

Love the snowman! :)