Friday, January 28, 2011


My friend Tasha made some really cute wood blocks a few days ago and I thought maybe I could make something too! I didn't want to copy hers because after all, it was her idea but I'm glad she didn't get sick of me bothering her yesterday with my was kind of hard for me at first because I like to see the finshed product before it's finished-so in other words I'm not too creative with thinking up my own craft ideas! Yes-I made these, I can hardly believe I finished a craft project! It's amazing that I even finished one of my projects. I started making it last night and it's finished today! Jake helped me by cutting out the blocks from a job that he did. I have a TON of scrapbook paper and I sorted through all the Valentine paper I had and decided I wanted to do Amour, which I'm sure you all know means Love. I have a few different sets of wood blocks that say Love so I decided to do Amour! Now that I'm finished with this project I'm excited to start something else-I've seen a lot of cute ideas that I want to do!


Kalli said...

I love this!! :) I loved doing these blocks for Addi & Kambri's names! You always think you're not crafty... but I think you are!

Kaytee Postma said...

THOSE ARE ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! You should make them and sell them! Seriously! I'd buy a set

bRaCkEnS said...

WOW! Ash!!! I love love love these!!! Better than the love ones I did!!!!! And cute paper... ENTER IT IN THE KSL THING!!!! So cute!!!!