Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jake's Surgery

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jake is doing great! He hurt his hand at work in November, and had surgery scheduled for December 19. It was such a loooong day-I really felt bad for Jake because we arrived at the surgical center at 12:30 pm and waited and waited and waited some more, to the point that Jaxon got cranky so we decided to come home for a while and wait to get a phone call that Jake was out of surgery (I had been told it would be about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs.) I figured it was getting close to the time that he would be out of surgery, so I decided to go back to the center and see what was going on. The nurse had told me he was still in pre-op-he had been waiting for almost 3 hours! I knew he was so hungry and thirsty, but he was going into surgery any time so once again Jaxon and I left Jake and came back again 2 more hours later and this time I found out he was in surgery! So I left again and ran some errands and came back AGAIN! He was in recovery and awake, but I wasn't allowed in the recovery room, so Jaxon and I went into a waiting room and waited till we, along with other families went to meet their family members. By the time we left it was a little after 7 pm!! We are just both glad that it's all over with, he's been doing really well! Lucky for him the nurse told him that he couldn't be on diaper/tub duty or dish duty for at least 10 days! Even through it all Jake has never complained about the pain before surgery, or after! He wants to unwrap the bandage to look at his stitches, but he knows for one I can't handle things like that and he isn't supposed to take it off!! Thanks for all your support and prayers! The worst part about all this is that I've had the flu since last night but I am feeling better too, and Jaxon is the happiest/funniest baby! I'm so grateful to stay home with him and enjoy every minute with just the two of us! Of course, we love when daddy comes home to play too! Hope all is well for your families.....MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything went ok!! You should've called me and I would've watched Jaxon while you went in!! If you guys need anything just let me know, I'm always here!!!