Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun at Hidden Valley Park

This is my neice Brooklyn! Everytime she comes, we make a trip to the Hidden Valley Park! As soon as we pull up, it seems like she's the first one with her seat belt off and as soon as the door opens, she's running to the slides and the swings! I never knew of a little kid that was so happy to just see the park, or a bus, or a loader ;) I love her big grin!!!

It's sooo funny to hear Brooklyn look for loaders now that she has got to actually ride in one with Uncle Jake! She is so smart-and now loves to tell stories about Jake taking her for a ride in the loader and Jaxon likes to ride it too! She loves to call and talk to us on the phone, and loves to say "tickle tickle Jaxie" when she knows he's listening!

Going down the slide!

Me and Brooklyn and Jaxon on the big slide!

Just needed a little help from grandma to make it back up the slide!

This was Jaxon's little buddy! He played forever in the tunnel with this other baby-he was such a cutie! I loved his PUMA's!

I had to post this picture-cause I love the look on Brooklyn's face! She loved to stand in the "spider web"....she is so funny!


shaunna and scott said...

I am so happy that it is getting so nice outside! I just wish Brody was old enough to play on the playground. Jaxon is so cute! I bet he loves the slides!

Cinda Nethercott aka Mom said...

I love that park! Beautiful pictures Ashlee... you take good ones ALL the time, I'm so jealous!


Just so you know we had to wake up this morning and see the "LOADER", then she said "there's Jaxie, and me, and Ashwee!" Cute pictures!

PeejMckTal. said...

Ash you are such a great Mommy!! Jaxon is so lucky to have you! I miss seeing you everyday! I really hope we can get together for lunch someday... I know I keep saying that, but we REALLY need to make it happen! You look so beautiful and happy! Let's try for lunch next week?