Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

This year I have some "traditional" and some "not-so traditional" resolutions!

1. I want to be more outgoing....I'm pretty shy when I'm in groups of people, and having playgroup with our neighborhood has really helped to get to know the moms! We haven't had it for a couple weeks but I hope that we can continue to do it-especially when it gets really warm again!!

2. I want to keep walking, but I also want to do more resistance training! I used to lift weights a little bit, but I never wanted to get bulky or anything-so I guess I'm saying I just want to get more toned!

3. I want to do more activities with Jake and Jaxon! We hang out a lot and watch movies, go to dinner etc. but before we know it we will be having more kids, and once you are in the habit of even just once a week going for a hike, or playing games together it will be so easy!!

4. I want to enjoy being a mom! I all ready do, but Jaxon is all ready 14 mo. time flies! I don't want to regret not spending enough time with him-so I want to play more, go to the park more, and go see the ducks at the golf course more!!

5. To be more organized! I'm a pile person, and so I want to be better at organizing coupons, clothes, scrapbook items etc. before it goes to the pile!

I know that I could list a lot more, but for now these are the ones I'm going to work on!! I hope that you all have a great and happy New Year!!


Jessica said...

hey-happy new year! You are so good to have some goals for the new year! You are such a good person! I miss seeing you! I wish you the best to accomplish these!

Josh and Kaytee Postma said...

Those sound like some pretty reachable goals. I don't think you'll have any problem achieving them.

Jason and Jamie said...

Sounds like some great goals! It's always nice to have goals that are attainable! Good luck!