Friday, July 11, 2008

Blue Balloon

We got this balloon from a new scrapbook store that opened in St. George! Jaxon kept staring at all the balloons in the store, so I got him one and he was so happy! He kept a tight hold of the string and kept hitting himself with it and laughing! He has a funny sense of humor! As you can see, he loves to hold things with his feet!


Taggarts said...

Your little boy is soo cute! He looks so much like the both of you!

melanie said...

Oh Ashlee, you have such a cute little boy! My mom found (or was told about) your blog and I'm so excited to be able to check in with you guys. Long lost Lagoon cousins, huh? Maybe some day we'll see each other again. Good times back then, good times.

The Leishman's said...

Your family is so cute! I love your blog!! good job. love ya- Merilee

Granny DeeAnn said...

Hey Ashley,
Good to hear from you. Yeah I agree that it is just a short drive but one I don't seem to make often. We will have to get together and have a jam session. Some time you and your hubby will need to go out on the town and I can watch the baby! I do that for people I love!!! My daughter in law called me last night to find out who had left a comment on her blog. (Amber) I guess I was on an Ambien when she called and when the call was through she still didn't know!! I guess Kyle wasn't home. Anyway it is fun to blog and I'm so glad you girls have a blog. I was getting bored with just Mel and Heidi! tee, hee Who gets bored with their own grandkids? Mel and the kids were here for my B'Day and we had so much fun. I'm sure you read about it on Mel's blog. Anyway keep in touch.